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I called a doctor today about his patient (labs) just to let him know a panic level. I was told by his "nurse" that she would let him know. I called back later because the IV came out and the patient... Read More

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    A Maters degree in nursing (MSN) is not equal to M.S. or M.A. as a PA. Those with an MSN are not automatically nurse practitioners. There are many different specialties and subcategories with MSN.....can be nurse practitioner, CRNA, businesss/administration, clinical nurse specialist etc. etc. I am trying to say that all Masters degrees are not created equal. Also please check your facts regarding the physician assistant profession. I think that you will find that only a very small percentage hold a degree less than a Bachelors. The majority of PAs according to the recent numbers show more most PAs more than 50% hold masters degrees. These nondegree and associate degree PAs make only a fraction and that does not make them incompetant. This goes back to the foundation of the PA practice and history that you can read about if interested. These associate degree programs that now exist often require at least 65-70 college credits prior to entrance and they award you with a associate degree after going through another rigorous 24 month continuous full time program. Personally I would never attend one of those programs I want credit for what I earn. If you do the math that is more than the amount of education some nurse practitioner programs offer and grant a Masters degree. Associates, Certificate, Bachelors, Masters prepared....same board! I originally received a Bachelors degree and since have attained a Masters degree. I had 70 prerequisite college credits (the same prereq. required for med school plus countless hours of medical experience) I then went through 24 months of FULLTIME PA school consisting of class M-F and sometimes Sat. ALL DAY and I mean all day sometimes until 9 at night pending lecturers schedules for 12 full months. I had 21 credits at a time mandated (prescheduled) Then 12 full months...everyday clinical rotations. Not just 40 hours per week either. We worked on the residents schedules. After all was said and done I was awarded a Bachelors degree which as you can see was more than most go through to earn a Masters degree! I know a girl now going through NP school and it is all distance based. I really dont understand that concept but I am not here to do any questioning. I am here to correct the false ideas about PAs that circulate by people who have no idea what they are talking about! It is complete ignorance to compare PAs to MAs! It is the quality and quantity of the education not the degree granted. You can basically get a masters degree from a cracker jack box these days!!!!! If you have any further questions about the PA profession, I would be glad to educate you and provide you with clear evidence of the competancy of the programs!
    I know you didn't mean to imply that NPs receive less/inferior schooling than PAs. Just wanted to clarify that there are some rigorous programs out there for each type of profession!
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    I know you didn't mean to imply that NPs receive less/inferior schooling than PAs. Just wanted to clarify that there are some rigorous programs out there for each type of profession!

    Oh I completely agree!
    I just wanted to correct the notion that one of the posters was making that MAs/PAs are basically the same. As we know not true. Also wanted to make the argument that the PA programs still circulating that are Associates Degree are by no means equal to the education a MA receives. We discuss this all of the time on our midlevel forum. We all think that there should be solid standardization of both programs NP&PA so confusion and arguments cease to exist. We have finally (I think) come to terms and agree that both of our programs have kinks that need to worked out and for the integrity of both programs (NP&PA) we push for this to be done. Just think about it who wants lousy PAs and NPs. It gives all of us a bad name unfortunately! Thanks so much for your input and understanding that by now way was I intended to bash the NP profession.