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Within the last year, we restructured our Med-Surg nurse patient ratio to be 1:6 for days/eves, and 1:8 for nights. I am interested in hearing what other ratios in Med-Surg are. I work in a 400 bed... Read More

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    Do you get call pay for being at their beck and call???
    Sure, that is why I jumped ship. Work in an office now and love it except for the pay cut. But I am so much happier that it was worth it. No holidays, no weekends and thank God no 3-11 shift. Now instead of 9 patients, I see 35-40 a day but not nearly the stress and anxiety. I think I work as hard, but everyone pitches in and we get the job done. Plus it doesn't hurt that I work for 3 great docs. Course, I knew them all from working at the hospital so I knew what I was getting into. You know, all my co-workers said, you are going to be bored in an office. You won't like it. You will lose your skills etc etc. But my best advice, if you can handle the difference in pay, and you are fed up with the lack of support in the hospital environment, try something else. I know it is a hard decision, It took me years to make it, but It was so worth it that all I can say it there is life as a nurse other than in the hospital. Now, I wonder why it took me so long to make the switch. Hope this helps someone out there who is thinking about a change.
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    It is not obvious to me where any of the prior responses are from. I have to tell you that you are very fortunate not to work in the Northeast. Your ratios are amazing. We are a 325 bed community hospital with ratios that will curl your hair. Days 1:9 to 11, Eves 1:11or12 & Nites: 1:14or15. We were reengineered 3 years ago and haven;t recovered from the shock. So tell me where do we have to go to get your ratios. I am the chair person of this bargaining unit and I am coming your way with 480 very tired, deserving nurses. Email me please.

    Hi Barbara,
    I work in Eugene, Oregon at a 350 bed Hospital managed by PeaceHealth (an organization founded by Irish Catholic Nuns); RN's are represented by ONA, unionized which makes a big, big difference. I worked back East long enough to know how bad it can get. Now our Nurse/pt rations are 1RN/4,5 sometimes 6 patients on all three shifts ; Nights will sometimes get 7 patients but rarely; we also average at least one and most times 2 CNA's each shift (including nights, which amazes me). I don't know why the staffing levels are so horrendous on the east coast but it seems to be whatever the hospital administrators can get away with and whether the staff has union representation. Sincerely, Parry in Oregon
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    wow those ratios are just downright dangerous. I assume you are talking about ratios for a med-surg unit. Like I said, I jumped ship when I had 9 patients on day shift on a med, telemetry unit. I had a defining moment one day. I just said to myself this is it. I am not losing my license for this. This after 12 years at the same location. The east. I would just go for the gold. I think 5-6 patients is plenty for days. 6-7 for evenings, and maybe 9 for nights. It should be no more than that just for safety's sake. We used to also have a scoring system for patients. Info was entered into the computer and patient assignments were gauged according to that so one person didn't have 9 of the heaviest (meaning skill level) versus 9 lighter patients. But sadly, they did away with that. I really wish you the best with this.