new cna in tele/med-surg, what to expect?

  1. Ok so I am pretty excited! I got a CNA position in Tele/Med-Surg dept at a very small suburban hospital. I have no CNA experience, so I am a little worried. My friend got me in and she says the staff are wonderful and that everyone works hard and is part of the team. I don't start for another few weeks (HR and paperwork ugh). So if anyone would like to enlighten me on what to expect that would be awesome! or if anyone had advice, tips, tricks or anything will be welcome. oh and I am part time on nights, 6pm-6am shift, I think, if that helps.
    Thanks everyone!

    BTW sorry in advanced if I posted on the wrong forum!
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  3. by   whichone'spink
    You might be expected to work the desk or sit for a patient that is a danger to themselves. I got hired as a unit secretary on a medical floor, and though I primarily work the desk, I'm just a warm body to be placed anywhere where the need is. Expect to be that. And sometimes, it just has to be done, because there are not enough CNAs to cover if there is a psych hold patient and the staffing office is unable to find a sitter.

    Expect to do VS, fingersticks, baths, peri care, basically all you have learnt in CNA training. Be on time and be reliable to the nurses.
  4. by   SammiJoRNBSN
    Congrats! As a CNA, you're going to be the backbone of patient care, the patients are going to rely heavily on you for lots of things. It's hard work! I did it for 5 years prior to becoming a nurse. All I can say is, develop good relationships with your co-workers, it makes those crazy nights a little easier to get through! Communication is HUGE, brush up on your norms for VS and don't hesitate to report it to the nurse (like BP on 80/40's, HR greater than 130s, temp greater than 100 or on the flip side, low temps). The unit should work as a team...I currently work night shift on med/surg/tele internal medicine unit and we ALL work together, that's the only way for the unit to run smoothly even when you hit snags in the road! Best of luck to you!!!! Oh, and don't be afraid to ask questions...that's the only way you learn. Time management? That will come with time, try not to beat yourself up...and if you're feeling down, have a buddy at work you can vent to who can help you to calm down when you're stressing!
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    Hey guys! Thanks for the tips! I have been working for about a month now and I only had training for about 4 shifts (two weeks)
    I really enjoy it! I did train 2 of the 4 days on morning shift and man was it horrible! Everyone was so rushed and the nurses didn't help with anything! (they were too busy, which I understand but not when you are sitting there texting or chatting with co workers for 20-30 minutes!) Then I finally orientated on nights! OMG what a difference! Nights are so much chiller than mornings, there is no rush to bathe people or time everything around the meals! Heaven! Of course I know (had a couple) of tough busy nights, but when everyone is pretty much asleep...ahhhhhhhh bliss! What is also great is that visitors leave a few hours after I start my shift and so they aren't in the way! The night nurses are sooo helpful, they will call me and set me up on when we can bathe the patients together and help turn them! So much more different then the day nurses! I mean honestly the RN's only get 3 patients while I am dealing with 8-15 patients! So it does get crazy but everyone works together!
    So yes, I think I got lucky with not only landing a position with no experience, in my preferred shift and also getting awesome co-workers!
  6. by   on eagles wings
    hey! congrats on the job =) i am hoping to get a CNA or PCT job on a medsurg floor too. Do you ever feel super rushed on nights? Also are you going to NS now? I am a Fulltime nursing student but I really wanted to work night shifts on a job... let me know how its going for you!
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    Learn where to put the telemetry leads.
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  8. by   ombyoureaninja
    I work on a Medical/Surgical floor myself as a CNA II. It's not officially a tele floor, but might as well be...I'm not going to lie to you. If it's anything like my floor, it's going to be hell. My floor literally gets all the undesireables. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything, but it's going to be tough. The nurses on my floor generally have anywhere between 6-9 patients a pop and the CNA/CNA's (If we're even lucky to have two...much less three on the floor) have anywhere between 16-32 patients. Not to mention we get written up if we don't do hourly rounds on EACH patient. God forbid it be a day of code browns and you have to change everyone at once while trying to get vitals and FSBS on pt's. It's going to be tough, but it'll show you if nursing is really what you want to be in. I think my floor is a little different. My unit is really two units in's strange. It's Observation/Medical and Surgical. Two units, all staffed by one floor. It's a mess...
  9. by   JDZ344
    Ombyouraninja, that sounds...horrific! Our tele floor is awesome! Great teamwork and enough staff to deal with anything they need.
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  10. by   whichone'spink
    I wish my floor was like that. Lately it seems like it's been psych central on my floor. I hate it because often I get pulled away from the desk and have to sit for a patient who can harm him/herself and/or me. I've done it three times now, and so far so good.
  11. by   ombyoureaninja
    Quote from KatieP86
    Ombyouraninja, that sounds...horrific!
    It can be sometimes. My hospital has two med/surg floors. Mine is basically the geriatric med/surg/tele/observation. The other floor is nice. Brand new part of the hosptial (my part is still in the old...which puts us at a HUGE disadvantage) We get all the pt's that want to swing at you, spit at you, throw food at you, climb out of bed and fall and sue...I actually flipped out on one of my pt's because she was a needly little worrysome woman. I told her I couldn't stay in her room and hold her hand just because she felt the urge to fart. And literally that's what she wanted. She wanted someone in her room all the time for whatever stupid reason. Ultimately I got sent to my director's office...and took a trip to my doctor. I'm 20 years old, and NEVER had any problems with stress or depression. I get this job, 6 months later, I'm on Xanax PRN TID and Lexapro once a day. My floor will literally drive you to drink...

    On the other hand, the new med/surg floor is the nice floor that is also considered peds. However the director sends you to her office if you breathe wrong.

    I'm on my second day of lexapro and today **** hit the fan at work...I didn't have a care in the world. I just sat there with a smile on my face as I had 8 discharges and 10 admission in a matter of 30 minutes...not to mention I had one of the laziest nurses in my hospital's flex. I had to do all the CNA II level assessments (IV, trach, tube feeding, urinary catheters, and oxygen assessments) I am leagally able to do because she was "so far behind."
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