nasogastric tubes

  1. hey! I was wondering if there is a certain color that the ngt is supposed to put out?
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  3. by   neneRN
    Let's see....clear, watery saliva looking junk, yellowish, brownish, greenish looking crap, pinkish secretions with food particles, dark green brown bile type goo...and on and on in any combination of this nastiness. Frank red blood or coffee grounds are NEVER a good sign!
  4. by   laurako
    I agree with nene. Yellow, brown, green, some mildly black. sometimes pink, is all to be expected. However, blood, no.
  5. by   Nurse Izzy
    I agree, too - usually clearish, sometimes tinged with yellows, greens.
  6. by   RNonsense
    only expect bloody if they have had a V&P or something...
  7. by   OzNurse69
    Hey, I've had red once -- did every test under the sun -- -ve for blood -- finally pt confessed that she was so desperate for something different to taste (sick of toothpaste, on TPN, had NG in for a week or so) that she got hubby to bring her in some RED JELLY & ate about 200 ml!! Certainly cleared up that little mystery....
  8. by   ayemmeff
    It's the sour pond water complete with bits of pond weed,that gets me every time!
  9. by   caroladybelle
    Dark pond water w/scum on top for GI infection or high obstruction.

    Fecal looking/smelling liquid for lower obstruction.

    Blood/coffee grounds are never good signs.

    Fairly clear pale green/clear/yellow - normal bile and secretions as a general rule.
  10. by   Lysa
    It's all gross! Funny story...A student was giving me a report at the end of her shift and she was describing the ng output..she said it was pinkish..cause for concern...indeed until I found out that the NPO pt snuck a cherry popsicle!!