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Hi all! How many patients are you allowed to care of at a time on your med surg floor during days or nights? In our hospital, on days, we go up to 6 and night shift can take up to 7. Just curious.... Read More

  1. by   jmll1765
    I work as a charge nurse on nights, we usually have 6 patients per nurse. When the other nurses have 6 each and we get more admissions I start taking patients. Occasionally we will have 7 each. Day shift works a bit differently, they take more patients each so their charge nurse can be a charge nurse. They have discharges and daily rounding with the Drs, so they really need a charge nurse. I find that 4-5 patients is a good number for me. Of course there are times when you only have 3 patients but they feel like 30! I'm fortunate that I work with a team that really works well together. We help each other out and no one leaves in the mornings without first checking to see if any of us need anything.
  2. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    5 - 9 patients on night shift in NY. We have 2-4 PCAs for the 36 bed unit depending on who calls in. No secretary and the PCAs do all the blood work.
  3. by   brithoover
    Quote from yardienurse
    for the past month 10 both on days and nights I'm in NC
    Whaaaaaat???!! That's INSANE
  4. by   teleRN08
    5 on days. 7 max on nights.
  5. by   EHNurse19
    I work on a general surgery floor but tend to get medical patients from time to time. We generally have 3-4 patients on day/evening shift. Night shift we try to keep it at 6 or below per nurse but all depends on what we have for staffing. Nurses have started out their day/evening shifts with 5 patients and have had as many at 8-9 patients on night shift when our floor is short staffed. Crazy some of the numbers that I have read on here!
  6. by   akker71
    I work in a unit the the ratio is 5:1. I think that's doable and enough.
  7. by   NurseLatteDNP
    5:1 days and 6:1 on nights, here in north Texas. If we are short that may increase by 1. All shifts have nurse aides.
  8. by   j.ll
    6 during the day, 8-9 in the evening and 13 on the night shifts. I'm going crazy!!
  9. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
  10. by   j.ll
    13 during the night!!! It's not that bad!! For 13 patients there's a LPN and a nurse aid. We are the same team with 6-7 patients during the day.
  11. by   C-lion
    I am on days, we are almost always at 6:1. We usually have 2-3 admissions/discharges per shift, that goes for days or nights.I would love to find somewhere where the max is 5:1 on days, as even that can be uber-challenging. 6 is just too much.

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