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I am thinking about taking this exam in about a month, any thoughts on how to study for it. I have been in med/surg nursing for 15 years , just not sure where to start to review.... Read More

  1. by   suni
    I did not know that the passing percentage was 71%, however, I just came home from taking the exam. It did take me 3 hours to take the thing, 200 questions, I was a little thrown by some of questions. I am just keeping my fingers crossed, wonder how long it takes to find out if you pass.
    Hope you did good too Juneria!
  2. by   Juneria1
    hi suni,
    i just got home, too. here is some info, cut & pasted directly from the amsn website--
    notification of examination scores

    candidates will be notified of their scores approximately six (6) weeks after test administration. c-net will forward all examination scores to the candidate as follows:
    1. a total score will be provided for candidates who successfully pass the examination.
    2. a total score and subscores in all the major test areas of concentration will be provided for candidates who do not pass the examination.
    the total score given in the report is a transformation of a raw score, referred to as a "standard score." the scale used for the medical-surgical nursing certification exam has a mean (average) of 100 and a standard deviation of 10. a scaled score of 95 is required to pass the exam. about 71% correct is required to pass the certification examination.

    i hope we both don't have to think about this for another 5 yrs!