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  1. Hello all, I am a new R.N grad of 4 months. I have worked in LTC the last 6 months. I really like were I work but I don't feel like I'm really learning anything as a R.N. Thinking about going to Med-Surg at the local hospital but not for sure I will like it. Had clinicals there as a student and absolutely hated some of the staff. If I go there I won't be working with them hopefully. The pay increase is almost $7 an hour but I will have to work every other weekend. I don't know what to do, I really like where I'm at but feel like I need to learn more then I am.

    Thought about working both until I decide but I don't know if I can handle it with 2 small kids 5 & 2. Anybody gone through this dilemma themselves that can give some advice. Thanks.
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    Well, it is a different environment. I worked in LTC for a year before I got into Med/Surg. The work is the same, no matter where you work. Futhermore, the staff takes awhile to get use to, like in any place. I would say personalities. Remember you are there to work, not to make friends. If they aren't nice to you, ignore it. That is what I do. I get made fun of all time.

    Plus, after a year of Med/Surg if you like LTC, I am sure your job will always be there. So stick it out if you can.
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    I worked LTC for a year while in nursing school, and went to med-surg for the same reasons you have after I graduated. I just wanted to go where I could learn the skills I need!

    On the positive side of things - I have not been let down as far as learning goes. I learn so much every day. I get a lot of opportunities to practice my skills (sometimes a little too many ), prioritization has been a big deal, and I've learned it well. There are no shortage of learning experiences on a med-surg floor - working with all different kinds of people (both pts and co-workers and physicians), and dealing with a lot of different types of situations (from completely stable "why am I here?" patients to codes). On my floor I work with many Hospice clients as well.

    On the negative side - med-surg is freakin' stressful. At this point, 6 months in, I'm not sure how long I will stay there (or how long I'll be able to handle it, more aptly). I have achieved a comfort level with the unit in general, which I really appreciate being a new nurse and all. However, I feel the ratio is too high, and from what I've read that is a trend across med-surg. Stress management is key, for me anyway. I think it's really important to actively manage your stress.
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    I'm thinking about going from my LTC position to med-surg. Right now I am in charge of 42 res, and am wondering if I'd be better off going to med-surg where i could focus on less people and be able to use more skills at the same time. What is the nurse-client ratio u have? I'm just the local hosp where I'm at it varies b/w 6-8. Do you think that is too much for one nurse? I don't know what to do...I'm very stressed out w/ my current job, having trouble keeping up with orders, assessments, txs, meds, charting et incidents....any advice?