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Yesterday I had a patient who is 10 days post-op a ruptured duodenal ulcer. He is still on TPN, Lipids, and NGT to low intermittant suction. His kardex clearly says "daily dressing change,... Read More

  1. by   Town & Country
    I've never heard of anyone changing a dressing without signing and dating it.

    I thought that was done everywhere.

    Yes, sometimes nurses chart that they changed a dressing when they didn't - that's why the signing and dating.

    Also, sometimes patients will say that their dressings haven't been changed when they have - it's a game. Good Nurse/Bad Nurse.
  2. by   DutchgirlRN
    This patient developed a nasty post-op wound infection. The incision line became very reddened and swollen. The surgeon opened it back up and wrote in the notes that the drainage was copius and purulent. Some heads were rolling over why his wound has not been taken care of as ordered with H202 and neosporin. There was a list with all the names of the nurses who had cared for him over the course of those 12 days. My name was not on the list. The super told me it was because I was the only one who had documented that I had followed the doctors orders. I have written up a proposal that all dressing changes be dated and timed. Thank's for all your wonderful suggestions and support.