IV meds and dilution

  1. I am returning to med surg after 8 years of another speciality. I am trying to find good resources concerning IV meds that need to be diluted in NS as well as iv compatability. Can anyone shout out meds that need to be diluted or reference a resource page or site? Thanks!
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  3. by   IVRUS
    There is the KING'S GUIDE to compatibilities... you can buy one of their charts for a small fee.

    King Guide IV Drug Compatibility Wall Charts
  4. by   smf0903
    A good drug guide has all of this information. Most places also have online drug reference that you can refer to (Lexicomp, etc).
  5. by   GerberaDaisy
    I just came back from a nursing convention, and there was a seminar on best practice for IV push meds. The presenter said that it is not necessary or safe to dilute IV meds, unless you are giving lorazepam, levothyroxine, protonix, famotidine or promethaxine. . But obviously you would want to follow your facility policy!