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I'm an rn student (6 mos. to go) i can't see myself dealing w/ the total chaos of the day shift floor for very long after graduation? is night shift more tolerable ....pace/choas wise? or is it just... Read More

  1. by   RNLifesaver
    You definatly will feel that "jet lag" feeling! I would still take nights over days!! Less people to contribute to any chaos that might occur! It is generally quieter, but not always!! The biggest hurdle will most likely be your sleep pattern and staying awake at work during "non-busy" times!! Once you get that down, you might just LOVE nights!!
  2. by   bewell
    I have been working nights for 2 years. It has been less chaotic and night shifters (where I work) really get along and are helpful to eachother. Day & night shift are like 2 different worlds. As far as patients being less to handle during night, I disagree. Patients have trouble sleeping, some patients have to go to bathroom more often at night. You are still busy!! On my unit there is some "down" time, but that happens on day shift as well. You just have to figure out which shift works better for your life, and then make the best of it.:spin:
  3. by   RNsRWe
    Wow, it really matters what unit you're in, and where you work! Dayshift gets to have lunch undisturbed; they even get breaks in (random, but they do). Night shift still has a half hour deducted for lunch, but we NEVER EVER EVER get to take that, let alone the two breaktimes! NEVER. In fact, we usually run late out the door in the morning as well. There IS no downtime; if that happens, it's for like five minutes, and then several bells go off at once

    Day shift stays busy with five or six patients, TOPS. Night shift is perennially short-staffed, and 9 patients per night is the norm..sometimes more. Insane.

    Anyone who thinks the nights are quiet because the patients sleep hasn't worked a busy M/S floor at night. They don't sleep. They are in pain. They all have bathroom issues. They all have skin/turning issues. There's all kinds of drains and dressings and lab draws and assessments, a zillion things going at the same time, and you have new admits from the ER as well. The only thing we don't have that days does is the routine MD visits and visitors past 10pm. But we also have to reconcile all the med sheets from the prior day and check for the next day, reconcile MD orders, which takes ALOT of time.

    So, in short: if you like working a night schedule or it works best for your life in general, do it. But if you're doing it to avoid the heavier load, LOL...make sure you know that's a fact on the unit you plan to work in!