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Do you give insulin as indicated per sliding scale even if the pt is put on NPO? Like, Bld glucose is 300 and needs 9 units of Insulin. But pt is on NPO. Thank you... Read More

  1. by   Stcroix
    We will give Lantus, but mostly hold Humalog if they are NPO. In fact, we wait until the food tray is in front of the patient before giving short acting insulins. I've seen patients in the 200's drop to 50 if they did not eat, and then we chase the problem with sugar to prevent trouble. Check with the Doc if in doubt.
  2. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    We hold all oral anti-diabetics as well, d/t interaction with contrast dye.
  3. by   psu_213
    In my experience, this was defined by a doctors order in each case of a pt being NPO. Sometimes the cut sliding scale doses in half, sometimes the wanted them held. Occasionally it was ordered to give their normal dose based on their blood sugar. If it was a large dose they were supposed to get and they were NPO, it would call the doctor. I would never independently hold the dose (i.e. just say "I'm not comfortable with large of a dose, I'm going to hold it.") Also, unless the order specifically said to hold or reduce their basal insulin (e.g. Lantus)--that does should be given.
  4. by   pghnurse527
    In my hospital sliding scale is always given because it is meant to cover whatever the BS is. Meal insulin is held if the patient is NPO because that is meant to cover a meal the patient is assumed to be eating.
  5. by   corky1272RN
    In my hospital oral anti-hyperglycemics are not held just because they are in the hospital. The pharmacy takes in account diagnostic tests that require contrast and will profile or hold based on that. The physicians keep an eye on it, the radiology staff always question us on whether the pt is a diabetic. So there are multiple checks in place. Pt really need to keep up their oral meds if possible.

    When a pt is NPO, I will not cover if <200, otherwise I give less (i.e. give 5 or 6 when 8 is due). Sometimes it is a judgement call. But recheck the blood sugar if in doubt.

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