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I recently found out about the Board Certification for Med/Surg through the ANCC(through the ANA). I am interested in studying for this and acquiring this certification. Anyone have this or other... Read More

  1. by   Lacey
    Hello to all nurses!
    Congradulations to everyone that has taken or is interested in the Med-Surg cert test. I took it last Oct. I used "Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification" 2nd ed. by Phyllis Healy and Leona Mourad. I got it online, not sure of the site or price but it may have been thru the ANCC website, if not, try Amazon. It may have been about $50. Also, after you register for the test, they send you a short review course. I found this book very helpful, I studied in short (30 min or less) periods about 3x week for about 2 months before the test. The test itself is now a blur but I remember it seemed very faithful to the study materials that I had choosen.
    I hope this helps and Good Luck!-Lacey
  2. by   Fgr8Out
    I just wanted to let anyone interested in obtaining certification in Med/Surg Nursing to know that the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nursing (AMSN) is piloting a new test this October at their Convention in Washington, D.C., with plans to offer the actual certification exam next Spring.

    Reports are that the AMSN exam will be just as challenging... but may also be available at a lower cost. I think the fact that the test is being offered by an organization devoted to the Medical-Surgical Nursing practice is noteworthy.

    Anyone who is interested may feel free to PM me for more information.

  3. by   nightingale
    I have to admit, I do not like listening to my voice on tape :imbar

    Does anyone care to share/rent me their tapes and I will either copy and return or just borrow for a month and return? If so, PM me for details.

    I am taking the m/s Board Certification Test 10-19!

    Thank you!

  4. by   nightingale
    Anyone have anything to share?

  5. by   amk1964
    I belong to amsn academy. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. They offer a certification [CMSRN] about 6 times a year. they have a web site i think is and to get info on the cert test dats etc email at:
    actually i am planning to attend the yearly conference in october in reno, nv and they are going to offer the cert test there as well.
    I'm looking for a travel companion to go there with.
  6. by   majrn
    I have been Med-Surg certified for almost 10 years now. My current certificate expires in Nov 2004. I, like a few have mentioned, have studies relatively little prior to the test, if any at all. Like said above, you know more than you think. You do it everyday. You are presented with situations and most are multiple choice as to your next best course of action. Its not all multiple choice though. Good luck to everyone.
  7. by   moonrose2u
    is anyone from the cincinnati area planning on going to the m/s convention in reno?
  8. by   debRNo1
    I am planning to take the exam in Oct. I applied for membership with AMSN as you receive a discount on the price of the exam and study materials. I have just about 2 years med-surg experience and I am accustomed to "independant study". I am waiting for confirmation of my membership before I send in the application. I am starting with an outline I found on another website AACN ? using my trusty med-surg text, skipping the stuff I already know. They will reimburse me for exam WHEN I pass and I will get more $ per year for the cert.

    Not too sure I need any other study stuff kinda feel that it would be a waste except for a few practice questions after all med-surg is med-surg RIGHT ??

  9. by   nightingale
    It is up to you on how to prep; this thread has a lot of great feedback regarding how to prep. It also reinforces how much you probably know already.

    I liked walking in feeling ready. I did the ANCC tape series (I drive a lot and liked having the review info while in the car). I also bought the Springhouse REview for Med/Surg Nursing Certification.

    Good luck and let us know how you did.
  10. by   valkyries28
    Quote from nightngale1998
    I recently found out about the Board Certification for Med/Surg through the ANCC(through the ANA). I am interested in studying for this and acquiring this certification.

    Anyone have this or other certification? If so, how did you study for this? Have you used the tapes or would you know of an inexpensive source for acquiring tapes? Any information is greatly appreciated.

    NCLEX books are vailable at my local library. The tapes appeal to me because I travel a lot and listen to tapes regularly.

    Thank you in advance....

    I took the exam for the first time in 1996 and passed. Way back then it was still in paper and pencil . Every 5 years I have to renew my certification by collecting atleast 150 contact hrs or do any post grad course/ teaching. Bought the video and the book from ANCC but none of those helped, lol. Good thing I went to the very basic and most pratical... I studied Mosby/ Lippincot med surg books. Experience too counts. Way back then there's some basic rhythm strips asked on the test and what to do with it. I was thankful I was working in a med-surg tele floor then. The certification did not really increase my salary except my hospital gave me a 1000 /yr bonus for keeping my certification current ( with taxes and everything I got less than that.). My hosp did not reimburse me the first time i renewed my certification . For some people working in another hospital , they were not given any incentive. But for them ,they are content with the status symbol having that extra title by their name.
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  11. by   nightingale
    I am glad I did it. At the time, it seemed really important. I have never had hopes of earning more but it does show I am willing to go the extra mile.
  12. by   jajski
    I recently sat for the med/surg certification exam given by the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses. I bought the Springhouse review book and studied with that even though that book was prepared for the ANA exam. AMSN provides exam study material as well; however, I waited too long to order the materials and ended up at Barnes and Noble *grin*.

    I decided NOT to take the ANA exam due to the 'separate tests' for BSN/ASN prepared nurses. As an RN for over 20 years, I am frankly offended by the ANA. BSN prepared nurses take the same NCLEX, and do NOT get a new/better/smarter license when they become BSN prepared. The Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses treat all med surg nurses equally. I am proud to sign my name with the "CMSRN" credentials ... 'Certified Med Surg RN' .....

    Whichever you choose ... take the exam .... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain ...... I'm sorry I waited so long.
  13. by   niquo3
    I Was Wondering About Books Used To Study For Med/surg Certification. I Only Bought 2 Med/surg Certification Review And I Was Hoping That Was Enough But Reading The Forum I See That I Shoud Probably Get A Patho Review Book. If Anyone Thinks This Is Correct Or If You Think 2 Vs. The 3 Books Are Enough Let Me Know