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how do you deal with a bully co worker that has othe r nurses acting just like her? these women are cruel and vindictive, and go after anyone that displeases them. Im sure this bully nurse has been... Read More

  1. by   NightNurseKathy
    For me , I would call them VERY DIFFICULT co workers....luckily the one I have dealt with is NOT my co worker, but on the day shift. She is an LPN (getting her RN) But she is difficulty with all of she is the SMARTER one.

    She will ALWAYS have MORE questions to ask no matter how good your report is...:angryfire

    I don't have to deal with her that much luckily since she is in school. DREAD when she gets out!

    My one charge nurse always says WE DON'T EAT OUR YOUNG.... I LOVE her... helps alot. We can learn alot from that. With the shortage of nurse we have to be alot KINDER to one another....
  2. by   proud2b1
    Where I work it is worse than the democrats and the republicans.We have a delegated set of people,including housekeepersand dietary that actually order the cnas and nurses around.These people come to the desk,open charts,ask questions,its all soo annoying.They are all in good with the "right people"that nothing can stop them.They do have some rules,but those only apply to whom they wish.I love the people I take care of.I have seen this place when it was at its best.We have all new management now that does not do their jobs. I wish something would happen to help the place.It sadens me that people thrive on negativity
    and let it leak out and run all over the place.The cnas are so short staffed,they work their tales off,and they all need this min pay job,so they feel the real grunt of it all.Shouldnt we all be able to go home after thse type of jobs and feel good about what we have done.Sometimes just a simple thankyou from your superiors would be nice.Oh well guess ill get back into the real world.
  3. by   KLKRN
    Last night the nurse I gave report to was one of those people who I suspect is just plain mean and nasty. Rolling eyes, interrupting me, talking down to me, looking for things to find fault with. Finally, I told her "you can tell me what you need to without the attitude."

    She quickly backed off, "well, I was just saying.....that's all."

    I agree that you should remain professional, and document what these bullies do.

    I agree with what Thunderwolf said. And I would add that if you don't know where your boundaries are at this point, sit down and write them down for yourself to get them clear in your head. I had to do that once for myself, and it helped.
  4. by   KLKRN
    proud2b1: have they heard of HIPPA there?
  5. by   lookingbeyond
    Thank you for your advice.,.I really needed this tonight...
  6. by   CNA Donna
    i am a CNA as well who occassionally has this misfortune of working with a moody male Nurse, who is very unorganized and has stooped so low as to blame me for his inabilties to fulfill his task with our patients by claiming that he was unable to do blood sugar checks, and wound care because he had to help me on the floor! Total lie!! i reported another co-worker the other day for ignoring lights, and worse neglecting patients by telling them that she would return shortly to toilet them. i then reported to him about how i am always finishig patients that she started care with and walked out without completing task, and leaving a mess. he told this CNA everything. long story short we wind up in the office andshe turned the tables on me. got away with it as well due to my jaw being on the floor. i could not respond due to the shock and the fact that i was being reprimanded for her neglect not mine. i was also told that i needed to lower my standard of care,due to the fact that the other CNA had a hard time keeping up the pace with me. i got news for them all. I WILL NOT STOOP THAT LOW!! I will keep being me. i feel that if you give somebody enough rope like her she will hang herself in due time.
    CNA Donna
  7. by   gonzo1
    3 out of 7 places I have worked at had people that were bullies. Sometimes to me, sometimes to other people.
    It was very hard for me to learn to stand up for myself but I did.
    Whenever one of the bullies starts to say or do something that makes you feel bad you must stop what ever you are doing, face them eye to eye and quietly say "I will not allow that tone of voice from you, you will treat me with respect and dignity or we will be chatting together with human resources in regard to the hostile work environment you are placing me in"
    Don't raise your voice, don't yell, just calmly say this and enjoy the look of shock and fear on their face.
    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
  8. by   asiajade71
    Sometimes following the chain of command doesn't always work.I had a scenerio at work wherein a nurse stated at the nurses station"you didn't do ****" speaking loud enough where the patients could here it.This person is nice sometimes and "used" to be a friend of mine.I spoke to her and told her it wasn't intentional It was busy keep in mind I rarely leave anything for the next nurse,but this patient was my admit.I had no idea she would be taking over this patient while my confused pt became a one on one.
    Someone reported this incident before I spoke to the manager.The manager called and inquired about the event.I told her exactly what happended.The manager had a meeting with the crew which I did not know about.The manager asked me to meet him.Then,I opened the door the whole day crew was there .I was critiqued by them constructively with an exception of the nurse the who curse me out.I stated if anyone has a problem with me take me behind closed doors and use constructive criticism in a proffesional way.
    The dominineering disrespectful nurse became more disgruntle and angry with and the nurse manager did not call her out.I left feeling upset I even tried this route.
    I have been the underdog in the group and considering leaving this unit
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  9. by   labrador4122
    Quote from qje999
    how do you deal with a bully co worker that has othe r nurses acting just like her? these women are cruel and vindictive, and go after anyone that displeases them. Im sure this bully nurse has been a bully all her life. her co horts seems to like her and go along with her. the head nurse is no fact no one over the head nurse will help with this either. how do you stop these nasty women. ?

    OMG this post is from 2005 and I feel like I wrote it! because I am experiencing the same thing at my job.

    This particular mean co-worker was claiming that I was sleeping, and that I didn't do anything for my patient--- and I heard that from someone else, not directly from this co-worker, so I asked the co-worker what happened, and if it was true... and this co-worker just ignored me and told me not to worry about it with such a disgust attitude.

    sometimes even if you stand up for yourself nothing helps, and at the end you end up at the wrong end of the stick.
  10. by   labrador4122
    Quote from smoke over fire
    Ok these are all great posts, but how can I learn to confront someone without crying? It seems like I start of great and then the tears come out. I end up feeling miserable, and weak.
    I feel the same exact way..... how do I confront someone without crying?

    I found that I have just felt numb around this person who from the very beginning was a total meany. I just don't care about her any more.

    but this other one who is supernurse has become such a problem.
  11. by   spongebob6286
    one reason i want to quit my other job is bec of those bullie nurses.
  12. by   labrador4122
    I totally agree. There is no reason why nurses have to be so mean to other co-workers. Nursing is 24hrs whatever you can't do the other person can.
    I don't get mad if someone tells me, "oh I forgot to do that"; because it is not a big deal if there is something that I can do.

    Often at night, you can't do some things such as PT & sometimes the physician is not there to ask questions right away, and sometimes it takes forever to answer.

    one time I called the MD at 7am, report is at 7:30am and while I was giving report this nurse stated that I didn't do anything for my patient.
    It's not my fault that the MD did not call me within 5 minutes of paging! And even my charge nurse said my patient was fine.

    some people I don't get.
  13. by   jahra
    Sounds like a quality assurance issue-how is it that these nurses have
    the time to bully other nurses? What quality of care are their patients
    receiving directly from them? Hopefully a patient will complain about
    the lack of care they are getting from the bullies. If the upper chain of
    command does not respond to make it a team effort this is a
    signal to take care of yourself and look for other employment options.

    Keep professional, and confront as needed. This why nurses leave nursing
    and heaven help us all if the bullies are left in charge. It will be "self service"
    care while they drink coffee, watch soap operas and sit and do nothing.

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