A question regarding team work..... need advice!

  1. I work on a busy crazy hectic "general medicine" unit in a fairly large hospital.
    on day shift things seem to go smoothly with the team of 1 RN and 1 RPN to 7 patients, the care is complex and usually at least one of the 7 is either trached or a fresh cva.
    at anyrate, on night shift our nurse ratio drops to only 5 RN's , which seems okay sometimes but the issue of team work has been a major problem lately.

    We have an RN who is very selfish, wants to just look after her patients, doesnt want to help with turns and changes n patient care of the patients who are not by assignment "hers" , for example, If I am on team one and she is on team 2 we have to alternate breaks , and cover for eachother, several times I have come back from my break and patients have been sayin they have been ignored , other patients have fallen out of bed and once even a patient pulled out his chest tube.

    I doubt she does patient rounds and is scarce in the morning during rounds when you need help, once I was in with a patient having seizures and the call bell for another patient went off a whopping 45 times and still no response, after the patients seizures stopped I went to the front and this nurse was sitting five steps away from the call bell system charting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was infuriated, I have discussed this issue with the nurse personally, also with our hospital clinician and unit administrator, the behaviour is still continuing and its to the point where the other four of us on nights are scrambling because of her being so selfish
    I really dont know what else I can do, the clinician even suggested that I talk to her one on one again as opposed to the clinician getting involved!!
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Start documenting, and don't stop!! Be sure your superiors get copies! If the immediate supervisor doesn't do something, go up a notch!

    This seems to be an unsafe situation to me!
  4. by   Lisah
    I agree that you need to document everything. Also try being specific with her about what you want her to do. Tell her things that need to be done while you are on your break,ie v/s, meds whatever. If she fails to perform the assigned duties you asked then you have even more to report. I know it sounds unbelievable: but some people actually don't realize they need to help others. ASK FOR HELP. IT IS HARD TO REFUSE TO HELP SOMEONE TO THEIR FACE. HANG IN THERE AND STICK TOGETHER WITH THE REST OF YOUR TEAM!
  5. by   thisnurse
    dont really have this problem with nursing staff on my unit if you ASK for help. if you dont ask there arent too many volunteers. there are times when that nurse needs the team...how do you all handle it?
  6. by   hapeewendy
    when she needs the team we are there for her of course. its the patient care that is the priority, and if I dont need someones help I dont ask.
    many people have asked this individual for assistance and when the time comes to help miraculously SHE cant be found anywhere!

    magine that!
    oh well some people are just selfish I suppose.
  7. by   sharann
    She sounds burned out. I know we all are to a point, but when
    you are totally apathetic it is time for a LOA or career change.
  8. by   hapeewendy
    sharann I dont know if youre suggesting that she is apathetic or I am.....

    but I dont really think she is burnt out, I've seen burnout and its different, infact with burnout you are often that way because you are frustrated with the inability to take care of your patients the way you would like to

    her patients seem to always take a backseat
    and its been that way since she started
    people and our unit admin pawned it off to jitters about a new job but its now a year later.

    at anyrate I just go to work, do my thing , and answer her call bells when she doesnt

  9. by   live4today
    One day she will need the staffs help, and you all won't be so "conveniently available". Get my drift? She'll eventually get the message!
  10. by   micro

    A=all for one and one for all
    M=many people with many personalities
    O=open honest communication

    Just my take on the ??? or teamwork.........on unit I am on currently.......teamwork is utmost.........patient is center of why we are there.........it sure isn't just for the $$$.........

    great ??? and thread:stone :stone :stone
  11. by   hapeewendy
    micro my friend, you've got it.....
    I've worked in such dynamic teams before that I could almost hear some kind of themesong music humming in the background *from the tv show they would make about our great nursing team saving the world each week etc*
    but in all honesty, when there is one person who does not share our beliefs about the importance of working together and supporting one another, its a burden. I'm not holier than thou, I'm just saying that there is an unspoken understanding among the rest of our team, but even one RN who doesnt pitch in makes a HUGE HUGE Difference!
    thanks for your tips, I will keep you posted on things, once again you are all one heck of
    a supportive group, and its appreciated
    if ever I can share any pearls of wisdom with any of you I will (have to get wisdom first though,
    that could take awhile) just kiddin

  12. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by hapeewendy
    If I am on team one and she is on team 2 we have to alternate breaks , and cover for eachother, several times I have come back from my break and patients have been sayin they have been ignored , other patients have fallen out of bed and once even a patient pulled out his chest tube.

    You get breaks where you work? What are those?
  13. by   shannonRN
    wendy, i hear you yet again!! the same nurse i replied about in your other thread...well, she only answers a call light if it is one of her patients. otherwise she walks away.

    i agree with the previous posters...document, document, document. i hope things get better for you soon. no one deserves to put up with all of this...happy vacation!
  14. by   Youda
    The only way I know to get people to pitch in and help ME when I need help is to tirelessly help them, offer to help when I have a free minute, and show by example. Sometimes it takes a LOT of examples, though!