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Hi everyone,

I recently started in a new facility (Assisted living) in BC Canada and I am wondering if anyone can tell me where they order their nursing supplies from? ie. dressing supplies, urine dip sticks, gowns, ect. There was never a full time nurse at this job before and their supplies are just awful. There isn't really anywhere locally that I can buy from as I'm in a rural location. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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If you need to buy those supplies it's probably not worth working for them. Supplies are usually regulated by facility policies and government standards. Your employer is supposed to provide the tools to do the work.

Discuss your concerns with your manager or supervisor before you hunt for supplies.


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I understood the question to be that the facility would pay for them and since you are a new full time nurse you are trying to find a supplier to order decent supplies from; am I correct?


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Yes, my facility paid for the supplies but didn't have a supplier previously. I have since used Bower's medical to get my supplies. Thank you for your reply!