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I'm looking for medical missionary trips for nursing students. I'm currently in a BSN program and I'm looking for trips either during spring break or over the summer. Does anyone know of groups that let nursing students go or where I should look? Also if you have went on a trip and was a student can you tell me how it went? Thanks everyone.


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I am going to Tanzania, Africa in April, and I did I lot of research before my I made my decision.

There are a lot of companies out there that take students to volunteer in different countries, but the price that they charge is outrageous!

I decided to go with International Volunteer HQ. They so many different options, and the prices are more realistic. I've talked to volunteers who went with them and I heard nothing but good stuff. Check out their website : Volunteer Abroad | International Volunteer HQ

They also have a facebook page with more than 16,000 members... there, you can talk to other volunteers and ask about their experience.

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Hope I helped :)

Contact the churches in your area. Look for bigger, non-denoms. The group of churches I attend around here frequently send strictly medical teams - I'm sure they'd be more than glad to have a student. I will go with one this summer, but I'll already be done.

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I traveled with International Service Learning several years ago. They offer spring break, winter break and summer trips.

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