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what exactly is required of a medical assistant? how is working in a hospital as a medical assistant different from working in a dr's office?


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Medical assisting is under the physicians license. Nowdays it is an associate degree. This is not the same as a nurse's associate degree.

I don't know of many cases where a medical assistant would qualify to work in a hospital using their education. Perhaps as a nursing assistant?

About 6 weeks ago there was a LONG thread about the differences. You might do a search here.


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I have never heard of a medical assistant working in a hospital. Their training is geared more torward clinics. They learn how to do very basic nursing skills, such as injections and blood draws and office work, like billing and such. Around my area, there are really no educational requirements. The doctors have the other medical assistants train them and they work under the docs license.

Because there is really no legal educational requirements, you really don't know what you are getting. There are two year degree medical assistant programs around, but in the rural area I live, this is not a requirement for employment.


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I have worked with two unit secretaries who were MA's...they were in school to become RN's because the MA program did not get them where they wanted to go.

Occasionally I will see a MA working as a hospital patient care tech...doing blood draws, fingersticks, basic care stuff. In the hospital they would work under the RN's supervision. Usually they stay in the clinic setting because this is what they were specifically trained to do.


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I got my medical assistant degree 13 years ago. The program was 9 months of classes and 3 months of clinicals working at a Dr's office. I did my clinicals at a Podiatrist Office and was employed by him after the 3 months. Responsabilities included blood drawing, injections, autoclaving, I was in charge of implementing the OSHA program in the office, and also assisting in Surgery (in office)(Bunions, hammertoes, heelspurs, ingrown nails, etc). I haven't met any MA that has worked at a Hospital.

I was working Full time and going to school to get my ADN, but I got pregnant, and deciced to stay home w/ my kids, and after 10 years away, I'm going back to school this Fall (scary....)

So now to be a Medical Assistant you need an Associate Degree? Wow!!! Times change!!!!

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