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Med Law & Ethics vs. Statistics

I have signed up for an online statistics class for next semester. I don't need it for my program, but will need it in the future when I continue my education. If I wait til I start my masters bridge program, it will be a distance learning class also.

After reading several threads on here I am second guessing taking it online. I can't fit it into my schedule with the classroom option though. I am considering changing from statistics to Medical Law & Ethics online. I think it might lend itself better to online learning, but I don't know. Could someone help shed some light on either subject.

I am a good student. I took 4 classes this semester, Chem, A&P I, Human Development, and Wellness. So far, with 3 weeks left I have A's in all of them. They were all classroom classes though. I have never really done any online classes. Please help.

I have taken neither of the two classes you are asking about, so I can't really provide any information on which to take. I can talk about online courses though.

One of the major differences with online vs classroom is simple time management. I found that while online classes allow a more flexible schedule, you have to be very strongly motivated. I suspect that you are given your grades. (great job there, btw :D)

Self motivation and solid time management will be your keys to success in online classes. If you have a solid math background, then I don't imagine statistics will give you much of an issue.


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i have taken statistics so maybe i can help you.

i honestly felt like statistics was a breeze (i'm not a bad math students anyway but, not brilliant either!) if you have a strong algebra background, or if you havetaken algebra recently, don't fret about statistics online. just make sure you do the studying that is required for an online class : )

good luck!!

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