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In my LVN to RN program we did our first clinical without going over insulin.  One of the LVNs in my class did not know how to do a blood sugar.  They assumed because she was an LVN for 10 years she knew how to give insulin and do a blood sugar.  She did not, she had worked in an office doing paperwork, no patient care, I had to show her how to do an Accu Check and give insulin.  All the basics should be reviewed in every program.  

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We use insulin pens for all pts. I can easily see someone getting confused. Esp is you are already feeling stressed and uncertain.


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On 1/24/2022 at 11:33 AM, Rada said:

Pleas stop attacking. I accepted my mistake, that is why I posted here  and I been punished enough  by my director anD myself . I didn’t think 9 unit is same as 9 ml . For some weird reasons I thought order asked me to give 9 ml . As I mentioned before this order came out of regular insulin procedure for me . Since Pt wasn’t diabetic, insulin was orders per kg, and it was IV . So I thought this is odd already , so it made sense at that moment to give 9 ml for a totally different situation that to me at that time didn’t have any relation to insulin and blood glucose level . 

I haven't seen much in the way of attacks.  I have seen a few posts regarding the seriousness of the error.  Have you done some education regarding insulin and IV inulin use? 

Please don't leave nursing.  Have you taken steps to get a regular job at a local hospital in a unit where they have at least a few more experiences nurses who can act as mentors?  Frankly, I've seen quite a few nurses take agency or travelers jobs before they even had a year or two of experience.  That just isn't a good situation. 

I've seen worse mistakes.  Hang in there and please seriously consider following this advise.  Most of us have been there as far as making mistakes.  Experience and following the patient care protocols are two major factors in preventing serious errors.

Good luck!