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Dr. F.T.-who is always pleasant on those 3am phone calls. who always says thank you the nurses after those 3am calls. who is always calm, patient when we call even if it seems like only a SLIGHT change inpt condition. We love him! ( we thik he has a greater appreciation for us because he's married to an RN)!


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Dr. M, my dr, who was kind enough to just hand me a tissue and wait for me to finish crying. This was about three years ago...but I'm still grateful. I've also worked with him in clinicals, and I appreciate the fact that he treats nurses as co-workers.

I think I'm in love with the MD who brings his dog into the nursing home!

We hear so many stories about cranky, careless, or just plain mean doctors... Let's hear about the doctors with whom you'd share your cookies.

Right now - my gynecologist, who wrote for Tylenol #3 today when I called having 8/10 cramps post IUD insertion. Thank you, Dr K!

Dr D, who thanks every nurse at the station before he leaves the building.

Dr F, who ran the first code I ever watched as a student, and let me and a classmate perform compressions.

Dr W, who brings his yellow lab every time he comes to write orders (nursing home).


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Forgot to add...Dr. K.

When he's on call and takes our calls from LTC, he explains his rational. He doesn't just give the order.

One night, a woman with SIADH and low Na values was c/o blurry vision and tingling lips. I called, got him, he explained what he wanted to do (wait and see) and why (borderline low, labs were being repeated in the morning) and then he called me back about an hour later to see how she was doing. I loved that! The pt. was okay, BTW.


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Dr. K - Who ALWAYS asks me what I think of how my patient is doing, and asks me what I would do if I wrote the orders. Who goes to pick up lunch for everyone, and sometimes foots the bill. Who worked 3 weeks in a row this summer, so the Dr. T could take his grandkids to Ireland and Dr. T2 could stay home with his wife and new baby.

Dr. T - Who spends a very long time getting to know the parents, their wishes, and is very good about coordinating care.

Dr. T2 - Who lets me try my hand at helping with procedures, and talks me through them very patiently, even though there are more experienced people watching. And who appreciates the "new" way of doing things.

Who ALL come in in jeans, 24/7, without complaint.

I love my job!

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Dr. B, who direct admitted a patient to us and (because we were slammed) offered to bring the patient to the floor herself! Got off the elevator grinning, wheeling the patient to her room.

Dr. W, gyn surgeon who calls twice in my shift to check on her patients and make sure we don't need any new orders (I work nights)!!! Always thanks me for taking care of her ladies!

Dr. S, also a gyn surgeon who calls to check on her patients in the middle of the night. Every night. Always a thanks and a smile.

Dr. SV, who is never impatient, extremely thorough, and is a great teacher to the nurses taking care of her patients.

Dr. T, the funny cardiologist who never leaves the floor without trying to make you laugh! (Last week he said he was starting a petition to require nurses to wear hats again! HAHA)

Dr. S, who used to be one of the "difficult" ones. Still has his moments, but makes a sincere effort now! Brings bagels to the nurses every Sunday morning!!

And finally, Dr. MK, who is TRULY a nurses advocate. He never hesitates to help other docs off their pedestals when they need it!

:yeah: Give the good ones a round of applause!!

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Dr. K, who doesn't look or dress professional, you wouldn't know he's a doctor except for the telltale black bag. He'll do whatever is necessary, within the limits of what is appropriate of course, to make sure our unit has a decent night free from bad things. We hear "oh god no, y'all don't need that crap" in response to questioning if our psych cases can have visitors.

This doc kept a rabidly psychotic patient from breaking my arm once; if he was a coffee drinker I'd make him some.

He charts elsewhere, he listens to the nurse's and the family's input, and you don't page him- just call his cell and there's never a problem getting ahold of him. Because of all that we try to not abuse the privilege and make sure we don't call for silly crap. When the entire unit has gone to heck in a handbasket and you're looking at a list of PRN's, and have no flipping clue which way to go with them, you can call him and get good advice without the "I've got prn's ordered, why did you call me" routine.

Our cardiologist, while not very "nice" per se, due to some weird foibles that I don't even think most of his ethnic group has, is still a very good doc to deal with. Since he's our medical director as well, I can, and have, called him up with bad things/impromptu consults if the regular doc isn't performing up to speed. You know, postop knee that decides her new rythym is 3rd degree block... "hey, nice to see you, you cleared ms. x for surgery right?" "Yes..." "Well here's her strip, how often can I give her atropine and how do you want her pain managed so I don't kill her?" No monkey business from this doc, just a prompt exam and some good orders.

Like I said, kind of odd in his personal interactions but we're persistent and he's definitely an asset, especially since he finally learned that I'm really deaf, not just saying it to be funny.

And my personal primary care doc since childhood, who died a few years back but always looked to me like he was over 90 with one foot in the grave. This doc did my first GYN exam and I'll never forget, in about two seconds he wrapped the sheet up over my legs and covered me up from belly to toes. I've yet to see anyone else be so considerate of a lady's privacy.

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