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MDS interview

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by Lina19 Lina19 (New) New Nurse

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 I am an MDS RN/coordinator, and I have an interview coming soon for a new position as an MDS in another facility with 80 beds. I am concerned since I am going to be by myself, I have been told they are not going to provide any training since I have been working as an MDS coordinator for over 5 years. I love the facility, however I've always worked under a good mentor. What questions should I ask before taking this position? 

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amoLucia specializes in LTC.

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- what computer program is used? Are you familiar with it?

- will you have an opp'ty for SOME time with the outgoing coord?

- are their scheduled submissions UP-TO-DATE? Or is there a backlog?

- does a schedule already exist for upcoming reviews and reviews?

- who does the 'grunt' MDS assessments? The Unit Managers? Or you totally?

- are the other depts on the MDS caught up and attentive for their parts?

- a Restorative Care Program?

- are there resources, reference tools avail?

- is there a Corporate Resource Coordinator if the facility is corp?


- any weekend ON-CALL or IN-HOUSE MANAGER ON DUTY? ***

*** you can understand why I ask this. Too many other things can pull you away from your primary responsibilities and then YOU take the heat.

Funny, I've never been MDS, but as UM, I used to do the basics before turning things over to the DON. I did communicate closely with the MDS RNs.

You're lucky - there is one person here at AN (Talino) who is TERRIFIC with MDS stuff.

Good luck. With your experience you'll know what else to look for.

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I really appreciate all your advices, and I am very familiar with Talino and I agree he is always a big help with MDS questions. 


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