Submission error- FATAL

  1. Hello again everyone,
    I have recived a 'FATAL' error # -3608a on a record. It was actually an entry notification for CMS. For whatever reason our MDS program sometimes defaults certain answers. In this case it defaulted to Section A #0310e. This is asking if this record is the first assessment for this admission. It defaulted to yes and I did not notice it until CMS rejected the submission. My question is this... DO I NEED to do a modification on this one of can I unlock and correct or what would be best way to handle it?

    Thank you so much for all the help from everyone
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  3. by   andy3k
    Questions like this can be directed to your state RAI or Automation Coordinator.

    That said, here is the answer. You cannot modify or inactivate an MDS that has not yet been accepted by CMS. You should unlock, fix, and submit the MDS record as if for the first time.

    I also recommend that you contact your software vendor. There may be a way to change the default auto-fills and you just don't know about it, or it may be a glitch that can be fixed with an update or patch, or it may be something that you can request your software vendor fix in a future update.
  4. by   crazyforthis
    Thank you Andy... now since YOU are my Automation Director is there a different email I should use to send questions to you directly? If so can you email me with it to please?
    Thanks also for clarifying... the previous MDS coord had told me that if a record gets rejected by CMS and depending on why, it has to be modified to correct it. It makes sense though that if CMS has not accepted it that I can correct it and re-send it CMS again.
  5. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    ECS did not tell us they had issued 2 patches since the updates. We noticed it would allow us to sign the section without ARD dates put in, or it would allow me to close without signing section Z or other stupid things. We got our software patched but I couldn't believe that they will send an email for updates but not for patches. We were wondering why our MDS were getting rejected over things that were never an issue to begin with. Ugh!