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I know you all have heard this request before, but I am looking for a PPS/medicare daily tracking form. I used to work where we had one that updated days used when the date was changed at the top of... Read More

  1. by   g8torlpn69
    Could I also get an E-mail of that too please. Would really appreciate it.
  2. by   chesneyfan77
    If anyone still has a copy of the tracking form I would much appreciate a copy. Thank you!!

  3. by   andy3k
    Now I'm curious. If there is a PPS tracking form different from the MDS 3.0 PPS Assessment Calculator that is helpful to people then I would certainly like to see it. If someone has a copy then please email to andy.alegria@dads.state.tx.us. Equally important, I'd like to know what people, facilities, or companies created any forms that are emailed to me. Thanks.
  4. by   afranzan
    Andy3K can you email me your form to hugo.franzani@rehabcare.com
  5. by   g8torlpn69
    Anyway I could possibly get that Excel spreadsheet sent to me? I'd really appreciate it. I have one, but am always looking for new a better things.



    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    If you send me a private message with your email address, I can send you an Excel program that does everything you need.
  6. by   smmmashing
    Can you please send me a copy as well?
  7. by   dark1116
    I am asking for a copy of any MDS tracking or calculating information anyone has!!!!!
  8. by   RosselleReyes
    Can someone pls email me this pps tracking form...thanks in advance rossellerica@vistacove.net
  9. by   dbsue1954
    Robin technologies has a tool available on line....put admission date and it shows the entire 100 day stay with grace days designated.It has made my life a lot easier!
  10. by   Trueblood469
    Can you please send me a copy of a daily PPS tracking log? lttrueblood@savasc.com
  11. by   healthyrnmba
    Hello Andy, would you happen to still have the PPS Calendar available. If so, please send to brooklyn4875@gmail.com, I would truly appreciate your assistance.
  12. by   TaurusRN
    If this PPS tracker is still available, I would be deeply in your debt if you could send it to me at katmanduuu@Hotmail.com. Thank you!!
  13. by   Nayiazuri43
    Hi Andy can you please send a copy of your completed version of the MDS3 PPS assessment Calculator to VictoriousLife2015@gmail.com please. Thankyou