I'm drowning!

  1. If anyone has some tips for this new MDS nurse I'd be so grateful. How do you keep organized? I only have 8 Med A residents, but lots if part B and the extra work involved w them. I work in small 50 bed facility, usually 46+ census. No help from DON, who is too busy. Rcvd very little training. Regional Coordinator very helpful but has large area to oversee. This is my 5th week solo. The constant meetings are such a disruption. I know I need to work on time management, too. So if you feel my pain, is love to hear from you!
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I feel for ya, hon........just wish I had some words of wisdom to give you, but I had the same problems when I was in your position and there is no real remedy other than working 60+ hour weeks. The number of meetings is RIDICULOUS---daily stand-up, weekly IDT and MDS meetings, nutrition at risk, safety committee, staff meetings, rounds with the medical director.......how the fritz are you supposed to get any real work done if you're spending half your week in meetings?!

    I never found the answer, so rather than work myself to death I simply found something else to do and went on my merry way. I hope you have better luck with your position. (((((HUGS)))))
  4. by   andy3k
    Hello croppyRN,

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I can't help with the workload management issue but I can recommend resources for MDS help when your regional coordinator is busy. First and foremost, I recommend contacting your state MDS RAI Coordinator with questions regarding anything in the RAI Manual or performing assessments in general. Their email address can be found on the CMS website and you should also be able to find their contact information on your state's MDS website. Many state RAI coordinators used to work in facilities and might have suggestions for workload. Another resource I recommend is the Texas DADS MDS website - some of the information is Texas-specific but it has a lot of information, links to other website, and its own resources that you might find useful.
  5. by   DavidKarl
    Fifty beds? EIGHT skilled? Oh, my. I worked at one place, 180 beds, alone, with SIXTY skilled patients. Never missed a beat. Never missed an asssessment. Never received a survey deficiency. I'm now older, and tired, but still frisky...looking for YOUR job! Aside from that, you have it MADE. I suspect you work for a small corporation or a non-profit? If so, and you really feel overwhelmed- ask them to pay you to attend an MDS conference, or etc.- it sounds like they are not too focused on income, and would more than likely welcome your request for further education? BUT: If you'd like to bail, please email me so I can send in my resume. IsoTao@hush.com