How Many MDS Assessments Per Month

  1. I'm curious to know how many PPS MDS evals (all combined) everyone else submits per month. I'm trying to figure out if I am on track, or if I need to speed up. I am at a hospital based SNF -not swing bed, with 20 Medicare beds with an average length of stay of 13.7 days. I feel swamped, but don't have any other past facilities to compare with.
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  3. by   silverbat
    Not sure how many per month, but..... in the last year my MDS department has transmitted 2,135 records ranging from the 6 page entry to 140+ page new admits/CAAS.
  4. by   imkaren2
    I do all the medicare MDSs in the building and today my medicare census is 21. The facility has 154 beds so I also do about 30 long term care MDSs. I attend daily PPS, care plan meetings 2x weekly and several other weekly meetings and other jobs as well regarding management of medicare boards that the regional team views daily. I complete on average 50-70 medicare MDSs a month, that isn't including the long term care which would only add about 12-15 more MDSs. All of the Medicare are new admits soI follow them until they go home so I do their CAAs, and their care plans as well then their discharge assessments.
  5. by   catnip3
    The census at our facility typically runs in the mid-80's. Before the advent of the ever-so-lovely COTs, I typically completed 62-72 MDS assessments a month. Now, it is typically in the mid-80's (not counting entry trackers)
  6. by   Bella'sMyBaby
    My facility submits on average 150 per month; this includes PPS & OBRA's.