How do you keep track of your long term care assessments?

  1. I worked as a LPN MDs nurse and the coordinator scheduled our assessments and we completed them. I have since left that company became an RN. I took a floor position and they offered me an MDS position. i was scared but was promised to be trained. The girl that was supposed to train me has the most sever ADD i have ever seen and knowns her MDs so well that she talks above me. I have had this position since January and with several bumps in the road I have learned to schedule, change and coorect the skilled assessments. I now have another bump. The LPN who has always done th eLTC calendar is being demoted and I now need to learn case mix and take over scheduling. I know 3 QRTs and 1 annual a year. My last job the computer kept track of the assessments and printed them out. The company i know work for uses ECS and they use the calendar on outlook to keep track of these. i know there has to be a way that the computer program keeps track of this for me i just do not have time to fiddle around with it. I am the coordinator, I do the billing, I do admission orders and assessments,and I do the skilled calendar. We average between 15-22 admissions a week.
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  3. by   vlmc
    Go to the green calendar button. A list of your residents will come up, Press the select all button. It will highlight them in blue. Press okay. Press the task button. Scroll down to " MDS schedule" . highlight then press load. If you look down you will see start date and a end date. To change the months you want to look at ( if you dont want to look at feb) Press the little box behind the start and then the end date and it will bring up a calendar. You can specify the amount of time you look at or the month etc. Hit okay when you have the dates you want. Then hit okay at the bottom there. you will see a box come up that says calender progress or something to the effect. You will then get a box that pops up that says MDS schedule errors, sometimes there is not enough info to predict assessment when they are first admitted. Hit close then your calender schedule will pop up. Here is my question for you in regards to the ecs system. The CAA section, when do you sign the V0200B section? Do you sign this then when completed sign V0200C then the section itself. Or do you sign section Z. Have depts do the CAAs, sign V0200B, then when care plans done, 200C then the section itself?
  4. by   MSMOLLY6255
    Tickler file for all residents. File box, index cards Jan - Dec. dividers. List residents names on resident per card. Name at the time. then next row Type Ard Rug then list type of assessment dates of assessment and rug score then file under tab of the next month the assessment is due and type due. then every month check and there should be your asssemment due for that month. qtr. annuals.
  5. by   DavidKarl
    From your medical records software:
    Every week print a patient census- and compare that to your own census.
    Every week print an MDS schedule of completed assessments.
    Every week print an MDS schedule of assessments due, by pay source (MEDA or LTC or ETC).
    Every week print a list of transmitted assessments.
    Every week print a list of transmitted assessments, by type (MEDA, or LTC or ETC).
    And? Every DAY, if you can, access your state site and do the same as above. Spend a few minutes, or an hour, comparing all this stuff, you'll be in good shape. It's a fluid process, that needs to be updated every day.
    Every week sync all of the above into a hand written calendar to plan what assessments are due on which day of the upcoming week.
    Don't forget tracking, admit, DC forms, and the rest.
    It does take some hands on doing though. You really can't base your plan on computer reports, alone- there are too many other people accessing and inputting into the HIT program, to rely on computer reports alone.
  6. by   silverbat
    on a word or excel sheet:
    resident name admit/yearly ARD qtr qtr qtr next yearly
    goof ball 01/8/2013 4/5/13 7/3/13 10/1/13 12-29/13
    Now, I generally update these every quarter and scheule the yearly earlier than exactly one year from admit. I do this all in pencil, so if I have to do a sig change, or if admit dates change for re-admits, then I can easily adjust the dates. Allow for ARD's and assessment completion, but this kinda gives you an idea.
  7. by   ecdc94
    Thank all of you very much!!! VLMC you must know ECS and I can't wait to try this tomorrow at work.
  8. by   ecdc94
    VLMC - I sign section V and Z at the same time. My calendar is usually further behind. The other departments do not sign section V.