Combined admission and 5 day

  1. An admission assessment was submitted combined with a 5 day assessment....come to find out the patient wasn't even Medicare. (Did not find out until after discharge) What do I need to do about the unnecessary 5 day assessment?
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  3. by   Talino
    Since you won't be billing Medicare, you don't need to do anything.
  4. by   mlbluvr
    Why would you submit a 5 day with a comprehensive? Is that the policy of the place you work? Why didn't your software flag that, if not? Did you indicate the pay source was Med-A? If yes, you need to correct the glitches that have already been sent into the netherland 'bowels' of the MDS system- it will show up in the future, somewhere, and might impact another facility, etc. Contact your state MDS Coordinator if you have any questions. In this digital age, really- every keystroke and MDS submission can have unintended consequences.
  5. by   mlbluvr
    Possibly, this is also a HIPPA violation. Even though the payer may have the right to receive MDS information that is legally required for payment and other protected reasons- the MDS you submitted was not legally required to be submitted for payment, hence- you offered personally identifiable information (other than an admit form) that was not supposed to be entered into the MDS realm. I'd ask about these things, as a matter of your routine. These privacy laws are not only becoming more convoluted, but the penalties for breaching them is also becoming way more serious.
  6. by   nursepilotdyna
    Thanks for the replies...I appreciate.