cheat sheets for ICD0 coding

  1. Does anyone have a cheat sheet for the most common ICD 9 codes for LTC?
    We recently added a part time position to our MDS department and our system has such crazy abbreviations for ICD9s that it's taking the new nurse a loooong time to actaully find them in the system. I'd love to put together a list for her but I'm totally swamped and really don't have the time to compile a list.
    I'd appreciate it if anyone already has a list and would be willing to share.
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  3. by   imkaren2
    I actually have one that I've used for years and still use. The alphabet is a little off but it works for me, now its been working for the H.I.M. who does the ICD-9 coding. Some are too old now but I will take down your email addy and send it to you. It is hand writen and a little messy, but should save you ALOT of time. ok

    Karen S.
  4. by   Sheryl218
    Would you mind sending it to me as well?
  5. by   imkaren2
    I will, I will be there on Monday, forgot to get it today. But no problem.
  6. by   Sheryl218