1. Question for the group- I sent the ICP team to a seminar in June on MDS 3.0. I am just checking on somthing for verification. They were told to do the BIMS assessment the day before or the day the reference period starts. They were also told the BIMS needs to be done first so the other sections can do thier MDS. I am trying to digest the material and having a hard time verifiying this. Can anyone help? From what I see the communication section on if a resident is able to communicate their needs is important to this.

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  3. by   pielęgniarka
    I go to an MDS seminar later this month to learn more about 3.0. If anything comes up about the communication section I'll come back here and make a post.
  4. by   Talino
    Quote from sls73
    they were told to do the bims assessment the day before or the day the reference period starts.
    correct. since disciplines should complete their section/s after the set ard, events after the ard cannot be captured. the bims interview must have transpired on or prior to ard. the results will then be entered on the day the mds section is completed.

    Quote from sls73
    they were also told the bims needs to be done first so the other sections can do thier mds.
    what should be determined first is the resident's ability to "make self understood" in sec. b0700. if the answer is rarely/never understood, the bims interview will be skipped, so do sec. d - mood interview (phq-9) and sec. f - daily/activity preferences interview.

    if you use the copyrighted mmse, it would be a good idea to switch to bims instead.
  5. by   sls73
    Talino, I am making sure you understood me with the ARD. If the ARD is 7/8- My social service worker is telling me she should be completing the BIMS on 7/1 or 7/2- the day before the start of the reference period or the day of starting the period. Thats where I am totally confused. If you do it on 7/1- UMR wont cont it will they? It has always had to be done during the reference period.

    I agree with you and the communication should be determined first- not so much the BIMS. I thought maybe I am the one who is totally stupid
  6. by   Talino
    If the ARD is 7/8, the BIMS interview will be conducted any day between 7/2 - 7/8 (7/1 is outside the 7-day lookback). On or closer to the ARD of 7/8 would be ideal. Then when SW completes her MDS section on 7/9 or after, she will enter the BIMS result.