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MD Anderson Nurse Residency Winter 2017

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This is a warning for future nurses who interview with MD Anderson.

I interviewed with MD Anderson in the fall - early in the process and was offered a position. Everything for the onboarding process was moving forward and I was excited about the chance to work there. Since I already had the job offer, salary details, etc - and had accepted the job, I naturally stopped applying and interviewing for other jobs. When other recruiters called, I thanked them and told them that I already had a job.

Sounds good - except MD Anderson phoned me to tell me that their nurse residency program was "on hold" and they did not have any timing on when decisions would be made about when and if I would have a position. The timing could not be worse as every other program in Houston had already completed their interviewing/hiring and now I am frantically searching for the few programs that are not already full.

I guess there is a restructuring/downsizing going on at MD Anderson. I'm sure this is an unusual situation - but I was surprised that a hospital with this type of reputation would act this way.

If you interviewed there and are waiting for feedback - move on and keep looking. Future candidates - be aware of this situation and proceed with caution.

Wow I'm sorry that's happening to you. I applied there to join the residency that was supposed to begin in October. I'm not sure if that's the one you are talking about. I thought I did well, but maybe cause I just have an associate's I wasn't offered a job.

The downsizing is in fact true. Things are changing on a day to day basis. We were interviewing for a lab position and that also got put on hold. Probably around November or so. There were a bunch of layoffs, so maybe it was for the best.

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OP, I can hear what you are saying between the lines. There is a term for what you have experienced and it has forever been known as "bush league." This has to do in my book with honorability.

Look at it this way. Based on the job offer you received and all the rest a REASONABLE and HONERABLE person would ASSUME that your employment at MD was a done deal.

The problem too often is just when you give a person or organization the benefit of the doubt, and they let you down, you then get the distinct feeling that YOU should have stacked the job deck to begin with.

The problem with this tact is that there is an unsavory, dishonest element to this weasel-like behavior that many employment venues have reserved the exclusive right to engage in.

This is in case you forget that you are "just" a nurse.

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