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McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

Hi all,

There was a post some time ago with a link to download the McGraw hill study guide for the TEAS. It was downloaded to my old computer (which is no longer working) and I was wondering if anyone here has that link?

Okay, I have it in my documents...but I can't figure out how to attach it. Any help?

I can forward it to you if you drop me your email...

No problem...its sent.:)

Hello, sorry to bother would anyone mind forwarding me the information to download the Mcgraw- Hill Teas study guide as well thank you much here is my email:mz_tata75@yahoo.com thanks

I sent it to you.^^^ Please let me know if you did not receive it.

Thank you so very much I did receive the information this site is wonderful thank you again!!!!

Hi, could someone please send it to me as well... kkalasa@gmail.com

I'm taking the TEAS in June. This sight is great, it's making me feel so much better about what to study for the test. I just ordered the ATI as well.


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Hi, i was wondered if someone can send it to me too....ericasandwall@aol.com

I am taking it in Aug, thank you

I would it if you could send me a copy also...hopefully you are still around!

icesk8ermom at yahoo . com

Thank you!

Hey you guys - if any of you are still out there, can you please send me a copy as well? I'm panicking over the science on the exam (this Tuesday!).


I hope you guys are checking thisif you still have "McGraw Hill Teas study guide" can you forward it to me..debbilove123@yahoo.com thank you so much it means alot.:)

I hate to be a bugaboo, but will someone email it to me as well? AlliTodd@ymail.com

I'm glad we are all in this together! does anyone know what grade Texas Woman's accepts on the TEAS? thanks!


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:)If anyone is out there that has this, would it be possible to have it sent to me at HayleyHBZ@gmail.com . I'm preparing to take my test in July and want to have all of my ducks in a row. Thanks in advance!

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