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I know all programs are different, and I start MCC RN program in Jan. I have not taken medical terminology, but I do know many pre, suffix & roots. I am thinking about taken the class before I start hoping to learn more, especially abreviations (if they teach it). Do you think it has helped you or if you haven't taken it prior do you wish you did? This seems like a stupid question, but I don't have a lot of extra money right now.


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Don't waste your time/money. We are given a list of commonly used abbreviations to learn in 1510 (the list is spread out over 3 exams). You could buy a med-term book and study on your own if you are concerned about it :wink2:.


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I agree that you don't need to take the med term class, but it would be helpful to get the book and study on your own. Even though they do give you a list in 1500's of the most commonly used terms/abbreviations, it doesn't cover all of them. It's especially helpful to have a strong background in med term before entering 1700's, since you are deciphering patient charts and actually documenting in the patient's files.

Also, I believe many of the lecture tests and definitely the HESI Midterm (taken at the end of 1800's) used medical terms in the test questions, and misunderstanding just one word can make the difference between getting that question right or wrong. My suggestion is getting a Med Term workbook, which has you practice writing and spelling the words (you NEVER want to misspell something in a chart) and I believe some of the workbooks come with flashcards you can tear out. Since you have untill January, you may as well get a jump on it...good luck!


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Where can I get a med term book? Borders? Maybe the MCC bookstore? I don't start the program until March so I have plenty of time to study on my own.


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you can get them at borders and barnes and noble. not only do they have the books they also have flash card sets.

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