MCC nursing costs question???


Can anyone inform me about the typical costs for nursing books (per semester)...scrubs and shoes..How many scrubs do you have to buy? and also Are you able to use your own stethoscope?? or do you have to buy from there vendor?? My friend says at ASU you have to buy everything from there vendor. I just wanted to see if MCC is the same way. :confused:


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I think they list estimated costs on the website somewhere. I'm just about to go into block 1, so here's a rundown of my expenses so far for Phoenix College:

$350 for books (that's just the required ones)

$50 TB tests (you need two, and if you need any other vaccinations, plan on doctor co-pays)

$30-ish for a CPR class b/c the certification I have now isn't good enough

$20 ea for scrub tops

$15-25 ea for scrub bottoms

$63 for supplies kit

And I have yet to pay tuition so I can't tell you for sure on that, and then I don't know if there are class fees.

As far as the stethoscope...not sure. Its not included in the supplies kit I'm required to buy, so I'm assuming you can get your own.


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Thanks so much armers for all that info. I just wanted to get an idea of how I need to save up for those things.

If anyone else know anything about being able to use your own stethoscope instead of the one you buy fromt them please let me know..Thanks!

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You can use your own stethoscope, at least when I graduated in 2005 you could. Since breathe and heart sounds are so difficult to identify when you first start, I suggest you invest in a good one that you will use for years. Have your name engraved on it to prevent theft!


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Every school through the MCC is different on the specifics you have to buy. I am attending GCC weekend program so this is what I've had to pay or been told:

Tuition - $865 (I didn't sign up for optionals)

Books - $600 (Total includes all the required plus an optional medical dictionary for $30)

Stethoscope- You can use your own or buy wherever - they recommend Littman brand - they sold them for $40 and $70 at the school, online they're about $100 - I'm borrowing my friends

Shoes- You can buy your own from wherever just need to be completely white (and clean)

Scrubs- You have to buy through their vendor - Apparel Pro in Tempe - tops and bottoms are about $20 each - since I'm only going two days I need two sets - different schools depend on whether you have to wear in lab and lecture or just at clinicals

Drug screening - I was told about $60

Nursing bag - I was told anywhere from $185 to $285 - have to buy from school but at GCC this bag is good through all 4 blocks - I Know at PC its about $60 you have to buy each block

Immunizations - not sure my insurance paid for mine

Second hand watch - whatever you buy

Hope this helps - I was surprised with a lot of these. I had to ask my instructor exactly what we need to buy or if there is any other expenses we had to pay for. They told me block 1 is the most expensive. I hope they don't spring any others at me. I figure about $2000 for block 1 not including the medical, immunizations, CPR, and Fingerprint. So I would start buying some of the items you can now so it's not such a huge blow at once. I bought my books early so I didn't have that expense plus tuition.

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