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MCC A&P Course


I'm new to the boards and I'll give you some background about me. I'm currently a pre-nursing student at Macomb Community College. I'm looking to become a Forensic Nurse and have already got 8 credit hours of training in it. I had taken a seminar at the MCC Criminal Justice Training Center back in August of 2008. I will be taking Anatomy & Physiology in the Fall, as it's one of my last pre-req to take, outside of Ethics. I decided that it would be best to take this course alone. I'm looking to get into the nursing program of 2010. I know the requirements have changed, as they are basing your GPA off of three classes: A&P, Microbiology and English. Also, they are adding A&P to the HESI admissions test. I have the HESI study guide, so I definitely will be pre-paring for it early. I have A's in both Micro and English, so I'm hoping to get the same in A&P.

For those who took A&P at Macomb, what tips would you give? Studying tips?

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We are not supposed to post names on this board because of the terms of service (or something like that). Also, generally it isn't a good idea, even if we are saying nice things, because someone might decide to highly NOT recommend a teacher and then things can get very messy. I would trust the ratemyprofessor ratings... they are pretty much on track.

By the way, welcome to the boards! :)


I wish you good luck in A&P. It's a lot of material crammed into one semester and I don't blame you for wanting to find the best instructor.

I'm currently 1/2 way through the nursing program @ MCC and I too am looking into Forensic Nursing as a possible career path. We just had a really interesting lecture during our past block of classes from a pair of Macomb County Forensic Nurse Examiners and it was fascinating to me. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to do that kind of nursing, and I suppose that having an interest in it is a good start.

FLASH CARDS and practice exams online, their are tons and they are really helpful. I aced A&P at MCC but it took a lot of work.

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