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Hey! I just wanted to start this forum for anyone who is applying for Mayo Clinic Arizona's nurse residency starting in July 2024! I would love to get to know you guys and bounce ideas off of each other and support one another in this! I am graduating end of April and plan to apply pretty soon when the application opens. When are you guys graduating? How fast are you taking the NCLEX after graduating? I personally want to take it as soon as possible because I'm coming from out of state. Hope this reaches you guys okay ❤️

What is Mayo offering you? They are well known for underpaying. People at Mayo hate it there. I see you have stars in your eyes. But you should rethink this.

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I've heard the exact opposite LOL. They're like the #1 for treating their nurses well and I saw how much they pay and it's fantastic... where did you hear this tho I'm genuinely curious? 

I worked there. No LOL about it.   Mayo's rules are outrageous.  Don't come in on your day off in shorts. Everybody was miserable  working there. 


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Has anyone heard back for secondary interviews? 

Not yet! Anyone else?

I got my email to complete the first HireVue interview on March 22 and was given until March 27 to submit it. I'm thinking, if they haven't already started reaching out for second interviews, that maybe March 27 is the cut off date for the HireVue interviews before they start contacting applicants for second interviews? Not sure though

Has anyone heard back for a second interview? I received an email invite on 3/7 for the hirevue interview with a deadline of 3/13 to complete it. 

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Hi! Just curious to find out how you found details for application periods for the program? Im unable to find any application period details on main website and the HR emails keep redirecting me to their info page which doesn't have dates. Congrats to you guys!! 

They briefly had it on the website and took it down. There should be an email address you can contact for additional info not listed on the website. Did you apply this cycle?

Also, has anyone heard back for the second round of interviews or received an offer?

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