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May be moving to Denver, where should I apply?



My husband and I have the opportunity to relocate to Colorado through his company. A large part of his decision rests on whether I think I can get a job and be happy there. Currently I work in a Neuro/Trauma ICU. I have two and a half years experience, the last nine months in critical care. I am a diploma RN.

I really would like to know the basics before I tell my husband what I think. What are the best hospitals in Denver to work for? What are the critical care ratios? What kind of money should I expect? Is Colorado one of those screw-the-nurses-we-need-money states? (That last one I ask from experience. I have worked in hospitals in two different states and the cultures could not be any more polarized.)

I have been doing web searches and have seen a lot of confusing input. I would appreciate any advice.



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I am very interested to hear replies to this. I am an RN at a large teaching hospital in CT. I have two years on a busy med/surg/infectious disease floor and currently have spent the last year in medical ICU. I have been thinking of a move to CO. I used to live in California, bay area, and though the pay is great the cost of living is out of site. I have always loved CO. The rockies are gorgeous. I was wondering what the pay is like for RN's with experience and the job market too.

I've been looking on allnurses, but all of the info is so old I'm sure some things have changed. I googled RN pay and was directed back here, LOL.

I would also be interested in hearing about agencies, come to think of it.

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I really can't speak for ratios in critical care areas, as that is not my area of expertise. For someone with 2-3 years of experience, you can expect to make about $25-27, I think. You may have some challenges finding a job without a BSN. New grads are absolutely shut out without the BSN, but someone with a few years of valuable experience may have better luck.

As far as facilities, I have experience with Children's, University and Denver Health, and I thought they were all great places to work.