Math 1308 at UTA - Anyone else?


Anyone else taking this class? So far, it's not terrible, I hate math and stumbled a couple of times but figured it out. I will be glad when this 8 weeks is over!


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Just took the class in the 2nd half of the spring semester. I did ALL the homework and took notes on every video. Aced the class. It was pretty easy if you really took the time to do all the work. I usually am terrible at math, but this class was great. Good luck!


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Are the quizzes multiple choice? Are they difficult? I am taking notes on readings and videos and doing all of the homework so far. There was one problem where I felt like a complete moron because I couldn't figure it out. I stepped away for a bit and came back to it and it dawned on me. I have been avoiding statistics for years.


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Yep, quizzes are all multiple choice. Definitely take advantage of your academic coach if you are confused. The earlier on you get confused and don't figure it out, the worse off you are. Every chapter literally builds on the previous one, so there's no escaping the information once it is presented to you. I didn't think the quizzes were difficult, but I maintained strict discipline in this class with the lectures and my note taking.


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Does this class require proctored exams like College Algebra course.


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not when I took it this past spring, it didn't.


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I'm in it now and it does not require proctored exams.