working as agn in boston area

  1. this is just a question i hope someone can answer for me, i have a cousin who just graduated from nursing school and i was surprised to hear that mass does not let grads work as GN'S. i was told that she has to sit and pass nclex before she could be hired. in florida you are allowed to work as a GN or GPN. so could someone let me know and as always this site has been of great help to me everyone is so helpful and supprtive i tell everyone i know in nursing about this site. thanks in advance for your help
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  3. by   elkpark
    Some states allow "GN' status, and some don't. Even in the states that do, many employers choose not to employ GNs (which is their choice -- no state requires facilities to hire GNs), but only hire people after they are already licensed, because it creates headaches for them when people don't pass the NCLEX first try.
  4. by   NurseKatie08
    No such thing as GN or GPN status in must have your license.