Updated pay rates for LNA/CNA in Boston hospitals?

  1. Hi All, could someone give me an update on the pay rates for CNA/LNA's in the Boston area hospitals? I live in NH and am thinking of commuting down if the pay is worth it. I know for NH the pay is around $11-$13 an hour. I am currently in school for my ADN and will graduate next Spring but hoping to get some experience if able.

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   PediLove2147
    I worked as a CNA in a Boston hospital during school and was paid $14.50/hour. Of course there are differentials if you work evening/night/weekend. I don't know if the pay would be worth it but I know the hospital I worked for is hiring. PM if you want the name.
  4. by   April, RN
    Keep in mind that you can't park at the Boston hospitals during daytime hours. If you work days, you will have to pay to park in a lot or garage and walk or take the T to work. For me, the longer commute plus the parking situation wouldn't be worth an extra $2-3.
  5. by   jmbia
    i am a BSN student desperately looking for cna jobs at boston hospitals with no luck! any suggestions?
  6. by   kcksk
    Just FYI, the bigger Boston hospitals won't hire a new grad ADN even if you work there from what others have posted on the boards. Try looking at the mass hospitals that are just over the border so you won't have that long a commute. When I was in school I worked at a hospital none of my classmates worked at (didn't want to be competing for all of them for jobs). I just went in the opposite direction commute wise and it paid off for me. Good Luck
  7. by   watersamy
    Winchester Hospital pays $12 per hour for CNA's with a $3 shift differential for the overnight shift.

    It's true, you need your BSN to apply to a Boston Hospital. Also, when you apply at other hospitals that don't require a BSN they will interview candidates that have a BSN before they'll interview one with an ADN. Some of these hospitals will take into cosideration if you're enrolled in a RN-BSN program if all you have is a ADN when applying. It sucks, but its just the way it goes.

    I'm in an ADN program myself and have been applying for CNA jobs for the last year with only 3 interviews, one offer but they wanted me to work 16 hrs a week and float between days which was an impossibility with me being in school. Pretty much with an ADN we're looking at rehab hospitals or nursing homes unless you're lucky enough to get a CNA job that would roll you into an RN position when you get licensed.
  8. by   kcksk
    I graduated from an ADN program in 2009. I work at a local hospital and had no problem getting hired there because I had worked there as a CNA/PCA. I just had to wait for the job openings. As soon as one opened that was a good fit for me, I applied and was hired. There were a good portion of my class that got hospital jobs-you aren't limited to rehabs/nursing homes. Also, while I was waiting for a hospital job to open, I took a job at an office. The nurse manager was happy I had been working as a nurse while waiting for a hospital job. Others went right into new grad programs. The biggest issue for my class was that most of the hospitals did away with the new grad programs because of the economy. When I worked as a CNA through school, I worked a set schedule overnights and that worked for me. Keep looking, the jobs are out there.