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  1. New to the area. Applied to bhcc, rcc, and regis. Does anyone know competitive umass it? Considering applying there as well.
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    Accelerated programs or traditional BSN?

    Most of the competitive accelerated programs in the Boston area are in the 10-15% acceptance rate range. You should still apply. UMass seems to have a respected clinical reputation for a program that is on the new side.

    Applying anywhere else?
  4. by   TREndzetta
    Really 10-15% acceptance rate.... wow... :uhoh21: sounds

    Good Luck to Everyone applying to NS!
  5. by   MissM.RN
    Hi Jessica - Welcome to Boston!

    You might already know this, but Boston is a really tough job market for new grad RN's. If I were you (just my ) I would rule out any ADN program for now, until the market loosens up. BSN's are required by most big-name employers around here, and just because of the competition even nursing homes are asking "do you have a BSN?" I go to umass boston, and yes it was extremely competitive. Someone told me 700 people applied and 35 or so accepted. If you must, do the ADN program but immediately enroll in UMB's online RN-BSN program so you can put that on future job applications. My best advice is to try to get a seat in the traditional BSN program. Cheapest BSN in the city with good placements. Beware of accelerated BSN - not worth it and terrible placements. Good luck to you!
  6. by   TREndzetta

    Are you in the traditional or ABSN program? I'm hoping to get into the ABSN, looking for all advice possible. Thanks!
  7. by   MissM.RN
    Yes, though I wish I wasn't. Every few weeks I dream about dropping down to traditional status. It is insane. Even though I get good grades, I think the pace is too fast and we're not getting good experience in clinical. Traditional students get to go to places like MGH on units that are dedicated for educating student nurses (read: great experiences in supportive environments). WE DON'T no matter what is says on the website or their flyers. Get this: some of my peers in a different placement aren't even getting to administer medications!! To me, that is unacceptable clinical education, but nothing was done about it. Also, it's really hard to work at the same time. They do say it's "forbidden" but I manage about 24 hours a week. In the end though, you will pass nclex regardless of which pace you attend. If I could do it over, I would go to umass traditional bsn. Oh well. I remind myself that I'm still lucky to get in. In this economy, you'll also be better off to delay graduation until the job market picks back up. These are just my opinions of course. Good luck whichever route you choose!!
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  8. by   TREndzetta
    LOL. wow really. I'm going to PM you, i have ?s about the program etc..
    Thanks for your reply!
  9. by   BostonFNP
    @BostonStudentNurse: Just curious, where are your clinical placements? How far along in your ABSN are you?

    The ABSN students at my shcool seem to get the same clinical opportunities that the traditional and DENP students get (same locations/instructors). I have had students in my cohort complain about their placements, and most of the time giving this feedback to the school gets them moved to a different clinical site (provided it isn't just a personal preference issue). I have also witnessed or heard reports of some instructors that don't do many med admins with first semester (MS-1) students and some that allow quite a bit of independence. This is almost totally resolved by senior practicum.

    Also, I found that one of my best clinics was NOT a major Boston hospital and one of my least favorite (and most restrictive) WAS a major Boston hospital.

    As far as selecting a program, look at the NCLEX pass rates (on MA Board of Nursing site) for different schools/programs during your school choice. There are some "cheaper" school with great pass rates and some "pricey" schools with marginal rates. Also, talk to students currently enrolled, they often will dish about any drama in programs.
  10. by   MissM.RN
    @de2013, I have three semesters left of my absn. our clinicals thus far have mostly been whidden hospital (where they are not allowed to administer any meds), VA in west roxbury, and boston medical center. The last two have been fairly good, but like I said half of our graduating class had to deal with whidden. I heard they did complain, to the clinical instructor, course professor, and then the dept head. Nothing was changed unfortunately. I'm glad to hear that our senior clinical placement will help with this. I completely agree with you though, longwood and major boston hospitals don't guarantee a great experience. I haven't been to any of those hospitals, and I still think I'm doing ok. I was just explaining that although umass advertises these hospitals as placements for the absn folks, it is not exactly true.