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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   adamamber1
    How about the lab stuff and uniform? I know that you have to purchase the clothes from the uniform place in NH, but what about the shoes and the lab stuff? Can that stuff be bought elsewhere?
  2. by   ltcwall
    You know you can always request to defer to the spring semester to give you more time. The most you are going to get from financial aid is 1250.00 for the year and that is the stafford loan. The rest you have to get in private loans. The uniforms you have to order from them bc they will have the school name on them. The shoes you can get from somewhere else as long as they are all white.
  3. by   Cm401
    We were told that we do not get to pick anything as far as the schedule goes, all of that will be done for us. Clinicals will be once a week m, t, or thurs. The lab will be on Saturday in Boston for 3 hours, and tests will be Wed in Burlington, whenever we have scheduled exams. Because its pretty late, the only source of fin aid you can receive through NU is the federal loans from filing fafsa. They did say that you can request to be put on the waitlist for NU sponsored loans and scholarships because students may drop between now and sept. There is a $30 lab supply bag that you can purchase at the next orientation. You will need all white sneakers or nursing shoes, a stethoscope, bandage scissors, penlight, and a name pin that can be purchased from the uniform place in NH.
  4. by   adamamber1
    Is the tuition website accurate when it lists the per semester rate for the program as 13,600? I was thinking it would go by credits and the first one would be more as it is the heaviest credit wise. I can get discounts on the shoes and uniforms as my sisters are nurses and can get them through their work discount. I thought about deferring, but the info I received stated that you are not always granted deferment and you may have to reapply. That makes me nervous.
  5. by   Cm401
    It's 860/credit for the first part plus all of the fees.
  6. by   adamamber1
    CM401-Thanks. Thats what I figured, but then the website seemed to indicate otherwise when it listed the programs individually by semester. That's alot in private loans...I guess there are always scholarship opportunities and loan forgiveness programs that I can apply for later.
  7. by   stefaniemary4
    I am actually one of the 13 students that is a part of this programs first cohort. So basically, I got a call in April from NEU and they said all though I was not accepted to the traditional onsite program I was accepted to the hybrid version. I began class on May 7th, 2012 and am going into our last two weeks of finals right now. We are expected to graduate in Aug 2013. This semester 3 students failed one of the courses therefore they are going to graduate a semester behind us and take the course again with the second cohort. The other 10 of us, pending passing these finals, will move on to our second semester Sept 5th.
    It is pretty intense but I love it. The classes are the same as the onsite program with many of the professors the same as well. It is set up so all of the learning and communication is done on "Angel" which is like blackboard. You get weekly discussions, papers, readings and lectures for each class. The quizzes for some classes that you take online at an assigned time and exams for us has been every Friday morning. We have one day of clinicals (Im at winchester hospital) and one day on campus at the nursing skills lab. These rest of the work you have to do on your own time and submit all of the work by certain preset due dates. Since this is a second bachelor for most people, student loans are tough to get and there is not much financial aid. From what I recall I believe each semester is about $15,000+.
    There at TWO tracks to take at this moment but they are in the works of adding on more. I am doing the NICU track which means when I graduate the BSN portion in August 13, I will have to work TWO years in a level 3 NICU THEN i can start the MSN portion. There is also the Admin route which you are required to only do 6mo before starting the MSN. The more experience you have with direct patient contact the easier this program will be for you. I would definitely recommend it to anyone hands down! Good luck everyone!
  8. by   stefaniemary4
    I am currently in the first cohort.
    Costs that I can think of:
    Uniform- navy blue scrub pants $15-25 If you buy them on your own at Walmart its cheaper
    custom white scrub top they will fit you for at orientation- has NEU logo on it $15 (i think)
    Name pin $5 or $6
    Stethoscope I'd recommend the Littman classic II you can buy used or new $90-130
    Pen light, bandage scissors buy online at amazon $5 each I think
    Nursing shoes- ie any ALL white shoes I got mine at Payless for $25 just make sure they are comfy cuz our clinicals were 8hr shifts on our feet all day
    Books- I bought all mine before classes start and regretted it. We didn't use half of the "required books" and I spent $700. I just started selling them back- try to get in contact with current students to borrow or buy their books Try to rent, or for used books or renting bookds
    Lab kit - $30 for the 1st semester bag and $80 for second semester and you can pay all at once
    Gas to and from Boston from Wilmington, or commuter rail or T adds up quick. Parking on campus you can get discounted passes 10 for $80 at the financial aid office. Its for garage on gainsbourough or ruggles. You can also get a discounted charlie card.
    There are a bunch of random costs here and there that add up
    Thats all i can think of at the moment- if you ask specific things I could answer that
  9. by   ltcwall
    Hi stefanirmary, I'm starting in the 2nd cohort . How are the professors are they helpful ?. You said there are 3 students that failed is it bc it's really hard or they just didn't study? are the exams really intense ? What books do you not recommend we get ?
  10. by   ltcwall
    Another question do you like the online format do you feel like you are learning? Do you have any free time?
  11. by   stefaniemary4
    Hi itcwall.
    Congrats on starting this fall! Some of the professors are great, other not so much. You may have completely different professors but our pathophysiology professor was amazing. He explains stuff well, is easy to talk to and is very understanding of how intense the course load is. Our maternal nursing professor was not good at all. BUt I don't think she is returning. The health and wellness professor is great and because of our classes feedback is editing the course a lot. The interventions/skills lab is a lot of material but the interesting stuff. The lecture professor is great, the lab instructors are ok- some us felt their expectations were unfair for 1st semester students but ce la vie!There were 2ppl that failed interventions which means they must repeat the lecture and lab part PLUS maternal lecture and clinical even though they were passing that class. I think one of them didn't study in the beginning and fell behind, the other just struggled with the NCLEX style exams. The other student fell behind because of family stuff and opted out of a few classes to balance it better. Some exams are definitely harder than others. It all depends how well you take "standardized style" exams. Some professors give reviews and others don't. Its a lot of material so make sure to NEVER fall behind even 1 chapter.I can't really recommend books because it will all depend on your professors. However, You will need a book with NANDA diagnoses, they constantly referenced and had assignments that required one yet never told us to get one!I think my opinion on this program will vary greatly from the other students. I actually already had 1.5yrs of PA school under my belt before starting this program. So I have not learned much new info as of yet and have not struggled at all as some of my classmates have. I do have a life. I work 25hrs/wk, I go out on the weekends and really enjoy the program. It all depends how organized you are and how well you manage your time and how familiar you are with the material. I prefer this format because I hate sitting in classrooms listening to lectures and I get to make my own schedule. You do have set days to be on site but otherwise you are in control of your schedule. I find that much easier than traditional programs. I think that anyone with the drive to do this program can and will complete it.
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  12. by   stefaniemary4
    Also keep in mind, our class was the guinea pigs.... What we experience may be totally different than your experience. we made a lot of recommendations for future changes and already had a few implemented. We have been very vocal about what works, what doesn't and how to fix it so the next cohort will have it a little bit easier and so on.
  13. by   ltcwall
    Oh wow thanks for all the great info. It is so great to hear from someone who has experienced the program first hand. Our labs will be on saturdays with testing days on Wednesays at the Burlington site. They do not have the clincil schedule ready yet.. I'm very excited to get started. How was your experience with Clinical ? How long was it before you actually got to go to the hospital site?