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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   jasmax12
    I'm preparing to begin the NEU hybrid BSN/MSN program this Fall. I'm super excited but a little nervous about paying the hefty bill. Does anyone have advice on getting grants/scholarships and good loans? To those in the first cohort....any helpful advice, how is it so far?
  2. by   ltcwall
    Welcome jasmax12 I will be starting in the fall as well. Where are you from? Im nervous as well about the cost
  3. by   celticsgirl17
    For those of you who have had interviews.... Were they in person or over the phone?
  4. by   ltcwall
    In person
  5. by   jasmax12
    Hi Itcwall, I'm from Boston, and you? I'm looking forward to starting. I would love to hear how it's going for the first cohort.
  6. by   ltcwall
    I'm from Boston as well. I wish I could hear the first cohorts experience as well but they might be 2 busy to post right now haha.
  7. by   jasmax12
    Very true!!!
  8. by   adamamber1
    OMG, so I was just accepted into the fall direct entry online..Better late than never, but now I am not sure how to afford it. How did financial aid work out for you guys? Im wondering if books will be able to be bought with financial aid or if it will come directly out of pocket. I have 4 weeks to get prepared and submit all the needed info. AHHHHHH
  9. by   Cm401
    Adamamber1 congrats!!!! Are you going to tomorrow's orientation? My financial aid is horrible. I only received about one tenth of the total cost for the first year . I called the financial aid office and they didn't provide much help.I resubmitted my fafsa because I think I filled it out incorrectly, so I'm hoping that helps.
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  10. by   adamamber1
    CM401 For some reason, my last message didnt get posted to you. Sorry about your financial aid. I just spoke with someone in financial aid and am terrified. Did your student loans cover your bill? How much are the books for this semester? Obviously being accepted late, I wasnt planning on these costs so now I am unsure how to make it work financially. I'm so overwhelmed. How does everyone pay for this? I wont even get my financial aid package before I send in my deposit, so if it is unaffordable, I am out $600. Not sure what to do.
  11. by   Cm401
    Adamamber1, most of the people I spoke with at orientation today are taking out private loans and I plan to do the same. For financial aid purposes, the RN portion is considered a second bachelors so independent students can receive up to $12,500 and dependent $7,500/ year. I was told to plan to spend ~$900 on books.
  12. by   adamamber1
    Oh wow, I was told that for financial aid purposes, it would be considered graduate student loans..Im so confused.
  13. by   Cm401
    One of the financial aid advisors spoke to us and we were told that during the first 4 semesters, the RN portion, financial aid is awarded as if we're 5th year undergrads. So, we do not qualify for the graduate aid yet. (by the way- Lab so far is set to take place on the Boston campus 3 hours every Saturday,testing will be on Wednesdays in Burlington, and clinical will be one day M,T, or TH.)
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