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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to the MGHIHP new accelerated BSN program? If so, what do you think your chances are of being accepted?... Read More

  1. by   PdxDreamer
    Quote from Colljt
    Hey guys!

    Just checking to see if you guys got your scrubs yet? i know they have to be teal, but are there any requirements other than that?

    i am about to order a pair of dickies scrubs off a website, that are teal the pants are "cargo" which means they have a pocket on the side...

    do you think its okay to get the ones with the pocket, or no?


    if you guys got yours where did you?

    Thanks, again!
    I'm a current student at the IHP and you can wear any type you want, as long as it's teal. We all had different shades of teal in our first year, and each scrub brand makes a different "teal" color. They mostly don't want you to look too "sexy", with belly button showing, etc. Other than that, the style can be whatever you want. I found cargo pants helpful - I'm always carrying notes and pens on the floor.
  2. by   Colljt
    thanks so much!

    what brand do you wear? or where can i go to get them thas not online, i didnt figure out the sizes properly and ended up returning the ones i ordered, they were huge!

    any other info or words of wisdom to offer about the school/program?

    thanks so much!
  3. by   klama78
    I'm planning on applying for the DEMSN this fall for entry in Fall 09. I would really love to talk to anyone who is on the course already, so if you are please could you help
  4. by   PdxDreamer
    I wear Peaches, Dickies, Cherokee scrubs mostly. Each brand has it's own fit, which is why I hate buying them online. I bought my first pair online and they were're right! The best places to go are the Work N'Gear stores (there's one in Watertown, they have a website with other locations too), and there's a place called Uniforms for America in Watertown center. You'd be amazed how hard it is to find teal scrubs around Boston. You could also check the MGH gift shop, where they sell pretty cheap scrubs. I only bought 2 pairs and I was fine for the whole year. Now that I'm working as an RN, I NEVER wear teal!!

    Um, words of advice...well, I'm doing the direct entry MSN and don't know anything about the DE BSN since it hasn't started yet. But mostly you are going to hit the ground running and you will be studying for tests and be on the hospital floors within a few weeks of enjoy your freedom now!
    When it comes to the classes, they are fast-paced, but you will get to know one another and can study/give advice/cope pretty well. The clinicals were the most nervewracking for me because I'd never worked in a hospital before. I dropped my stethoscope onto my patient's chest when I tried to take a blood pressure for the first time...I was so nervous! I felt like I knew nothing for a whole year and my brain hurt from learning new things every day. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel about your skills. I think the hardest thing for some classmates was having "people skills" and being comfortable interviewing patients and talking to them. If you can do that, you can learn the other stuff! You will find some teachers and clinical instructors who are very supportive and nice, and others who you just don't click with...just like real life, I guess. It's important to keep your head up and focus on your goal, no matter what happens or what someone says to you.

    Good luck and ask any questions...I was in your shoes a few years ago and sometimes it still feels like just yesterday when it all began.
  5. by   Colljt

    thanks for all of your wonderful words! I think that i will be okay, but i am VERY nervous about clinicals starting. i volunteer on the pediatrics floor at MGH and have for two years so im comfortable on a people-to-people level, but i am nervous to be the one to actually be performing!

    as far as scrubs go, i heard that workngear doesnt tend to have teal, and not alot of places do. do you reccommend at leat trying some different brands on and seeing what works before i order it online? i dont know why it seems so complicated hah!

    thanks again for your insight!
  6. by   dre617
    Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to the Direct Entry Masters Program for Fall 08 at MGH and I was just wondering if anyone has any advice about this program? I sent in my deposit to secure my spot but I am not completely sure if I want to jump right into becoming a NP. I am only 21 and am just finishing my undergrad work this May so I don't know what the best option for me is. I also have a secure spot at Quincy College for just an associates degree and RN. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. by   dtrmnd2sccd
    Quote from andykap
    Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to the Direct Entry Masters Program for Fall 08 at MGH and I was just wondering if anyone has any advice about this program? I sent in my deposit to secure my spot but I am not completely sure if I want to jump right into becoming a NP. I am only 21 and am just finishing my undergrad work this May so I don't know what the best option for me is. I also have a secure spot at Quincy College for just an associates degree and RN. Any advice would be appreciated!
    Without a doubt, go for the masters at MGH! It will give you so many more options than an ADN, and the time frame is not so much different between the two. It may seem like you'll be in school forever just finishing your undergrad and going straight into a grad program, but it is SO much easier than going back to school later in life. I've done it both ways--I went straight from undergrad to my masters in another field 15 years ago. Now I am changing careers and going back to school for nursing in my mid-30s. There's no comparison--juggling kids, work commitments AND studying is SO much harder and more stressful!! Go straight through if you can!!

    Just my
  8. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Hello Everyone! So I got my financial award letter and its a little overhelming. I definitely didn't get as much as I needed, however, I should of expected that. I will more that likely have to take out a loan for roughly 24,000 just to live and "pay off" tuition. I'm considering other options including opting out of this nursing thing all the way to working a year and deferring (if they have that option.)

    Is anyone else having this issue? If so, lets vent!
  9. by   Colljt
    Hi adrienne,

    I know it sucks, i spent saturday worrying about it all day. the conclusion that i have come to is that, im in a worse off spot than most people. my undergrad education is ALL loans, federal and private that i have struggled to pay since undergrad. I will be undoubtedly doubling my debt, but i will most likely be doubling my salary when i get out of school with a nursing degree. All of the money necessary for life/tuition in a program like this is a harsh reality, expecially because in undergrad i worked full time to pay my living expenses (rent etc) so ive never really lived without an income. BUT, i think in the long run, its going to be worth it. At least in my case i KNOW that this is exactly what i want to do, and being sure of that makes a lot of the worry fade into the background. I'm not going to lie, i still worry and money is still a stress and sometimes i think im crazy for getting this deep in debt. BUT there really is no alternative for me, its kind of just what has to be done.

    and really, MGH is probably the best place to learn! So i think youve been given a GREAT opportunity!

    So, try and rest easy, and really think about it before you give the opportunity up!

    Good luck!!!!
  10. by   AdrienneRN2b
    Hey Colljt!!

    Thank you so much for the kind words, I so needed them! I was at work today thinking do I want to continue working or pursue nursing and provide a better life for my daughter and myself. I am so with you, my undergrad education, like you, was ALL loans and am struggling to keep up with the payments.

    In the long run I know nursing has the potential to be a very lucrative career, thus providing the opportunity to pay off my loans. When I think of in like that, its not such an overwhelming thought!

    But its very reassuring to know that someone else is in the same boat as myself, looking at the same options and debating the same ideas.

    Like you said it is a very comforting thought to know that we are going to be getting one th best educations this state can offer in afflliation with one of the greatest hospitals in the world!!
  11. by   AlyRNtoBe
    Hey guys,

    When did you get your award letter? I haven't received anything yet. I'm curious to see what it looks like. The first come first serve line in the email that we received makes me wonder what is going on...thanks!
  12. by   Annie2623
    Hey Aly - I was anxiously awaiting my letter as well and it finally came yesterday. Don't worry I'm sure it's on the way, but on the website it says you can contact the financial aid office if you haven't gotten it by April 1st.

    To Adrienne and Colljt - I am in the same boat as both of you and it was so helpful to hear that you are going through the same issues! I am also already up to my ears in undergrad debt and I pretty much got nothing from MGH - so I'll be basically doubling my debt. I was debating whether I actually wanted to go through with this as well, but you are right - it will be worth it in the end. It's silly to think about bailing after we've put in all this time and effort on prerequisite classes, applications, etc. And 14 months is going to fly by! Thank you both for lifting my spirits about all this. Looking forward to meeting you in May!

  13. by   ERICA57
    Hi Adrienne:

    I think there are other excellent and much less costly places to pursue nursing in Boston .. without going into the kind of enormous debt the MGHIHP requires.

    I suggest thoroughly checking out other programs (BSN's at UMass or Salem State, or ADN at a Community College) before you sign on MGH's dotted line. When you get into that kind of debt, your future earning power is compromised. (I speak from personal experience....!)

    Good luck!

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