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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to the MGHIHP new accelerated BSN program? If so, what do you think your chances are of being accepted?... Read More

  1. by   flannfry
    Aw man, now I'm getting REALLY nervous. I should have gone to the second info session. I went to one in September 2007 and was operating on what was said then.

    Okay. On that note. Worst case: does anyone know if they still allow you to defer? I know they had said they would when the question was asked in 2007, but I'm not sure if that's changed.
  2. by   GAK2ndBSN
    Sorry I am not sure about whether or not you can defer...

    I just got my letter though, and I was also accepted! Can't wait to meet you guys in May! And good luck to those of you still waiting!!
  3. by   flannfry
    hi everyone!

    i just got an email and she says that the program starts may 9 this year. hope that helps some people out.

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  4. by   flannfry
    just emailed again and said she had misspoke, and that the program will begin on May 4. Sorry for the confusion! I thought it was odd to start on a Saturday.

    To that end, I found this chem class:

    It's self-directed, as long as you finish in 15 weeks, so if you hustle, you can get it done in time. Hope that helps anyone in the same boat I'm in!
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  5. by   Rookie12
    Thats awesome! congrats! Looks like we will def. be meeting you in may! Can't wait!
  6. by   flannfry
    Thanks! I'm so excited. I got the email today about the grant applications and the flutters came back! I can't wait to start getting all the info for the program.
  7. by   Sharanigans
    Hi Flannfry

    I found myself in the same predicament as you...enrolled in a chem class that didn't end until AFTER May 4th and accepted into the program! Did you get the online course in Iowa approved by contact person at MGH? Any idea how much it costs?

    I also found an accelerated winter intersession course at UMASS Lowell in January. approved it this morning. It's pretty intense though. Meets M-F 6-9pm and Sat 1-4pm for 2.5 weeks! Crazy! I'd much rather take the online course that you're taking if I can afford it

    Any information you could pass my way would be very appreciated!

    Can't wait to meet all of you in May!! So, so exciting!!

    Take care and happy holidays!!
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  8. by   Rica19
    Hi Sharanigans and Flannfry,

    I share your predicament as well and have been freaking out about the chemistry situation. I haven't taken a chem course yet so unfortunately, the Iowa one is not an option for me since an intro chem course is a prerequisite. I was thinking of taking the accelerated winter session one at Lowell but I dont have car so that is an issue.

    Thus, I just registered for the online course, Chem 1050 at Weber State University in Utah. The course goes from 1/5 - 5/1 and I was assured that an electronic transcript would be available by 5/4/09 and that an official transcript would be mailed shortly after. Hopefully, IHP will accept these transcripts.

    actually mentioned this course at my info session in October 2007 so it should definitely be approved. Plus, the course descripton says "An introduction to general, organic and biochemistry designed primarily for students of nursing and other majors that require no more than one semester of chemistry. Four hours of lecture and one 3-hour lab a week." It sounds like a perfect fit.

    The course is 5 credits total with a mandatory lab. The total cost was a whopping $977.50 but worth it to have peace of mind.

    Here is the link -

    Hope this helps. I look forward to meeting you in May.
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  9. by   Sharanigans
    Hi Rica19,

    Thank you so much for your quick response!!

    I looked into that course as well but since I already went through the trouble, and EXPENSE, of taking part I of a chemistry course this past semester I really didn't want to pay to take a whole 5 credits more. I'm really hoping that online course that FlannFly posted about will work out. And, I'm hoping it's a bit cheaper since I already paid $500 for the first chem class I took at Bunker Hill.

    I'm really glad that you found a course that works for you! It's so hard to hustle and make it all work before May 4th! I wish I had known earlier so I could have planned accordingly! But as long as all of us find something that works for us so that we can begin in May, that's all that matters

    Happy Holidays and thanks again Rica19
  10. by   flannfry
    Hey there!

    The Iowa online chem class is approved and $500. Hope that helps!

    I also took a chem class this past semester at Quincy so I'm going to go with the Iowa one. I kind of wish I had known about the Weber one, though, because I think both chem courses together will cost as much as that one in the end!
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  11. by   Sharanigans
    Hi Flannfly,

    Thanks for getting back to me! I completely agree. I would have gladly taken the ONE Weber course rather than sweating through 2 chem classes But hey, ya live and you learn. Next year we can advise the newbies coming into the program to take the Weber course!

    I'm going to sign up for the Iowa course! Thanks so much for the tip! It's much cheaper than the accelerated winter intersession that I was going to take at UMASS Lowell! AND, I can do it all from home rather than traveling back and forth a million times to Lowell from Boston

    Have a great night and enjoy your holidays!

    Take care,
  12. by   kimpop
    hey! just found i got in... PLEASE can someone give me some advice about the program... does anyone know anything about the school besides what the website says...? does it have a good reputation around new england? I got in to Hopkins as well, and i have to make a decision by... Jan 7th? Does anyone know students who are in the program right now, and how they are liking it?
    any advice would be appreciated!
    thank you!!
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  13. by   Silverdragon102
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