MGH Direct Entry MSN 2013

  1. Hey everyone, the application for was due yesterday, whew! I almost forgot about it.

    Did anyone else apply? When can we expect to hear back?
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  3. by   JP999
    I applied! At an info session I went to, they said they are aiming for late Feb or early March, but that they weren't making any promises...
  4. by   dee73
    I submitted my application in October and I asked when we would hear back and they said late November or early December (which is like now). I haven't heard anything though.
  5. by   adt913
    @dee73 Is that for the direct entry masters program? or the accelerated bsn?
  6. by   pura-vida
    Does anyone know how many people they accept for this program?
  7. by   Cheriberii
    I am looking online to find acceptance rates and other information about the MGH direct entry program. Can anyone point me in the right direction, as I cannot find any information. I want to apply to MGH in December 2014 and am doing some research about what's competitive (GPA, experience, etc.) to see where I stand. Thanks!
  8. by   dee73
    I'm applying to the direct entry msn program. This waiting game is making me nervous. I wish I had an idea of acceptance rates or when we'd hear back. I called admissions and asked them and now they are saying february/march so I really have no clue. Are the aBSN and direct entry MSN applicants being considered together? What program are you all applying to?
  9. by   pura-vida
    I applied to the direct-entry MSN program specialized in Psychiatric and Mental Health. What about you>
  10. by   steve21021
    I applied to the FNP program. Hope I get in.
  11. by   RVLy
    I've been trying to find a discussion on MGH direct entry 2013 bsn/msn program! Glad I finally found it! I'm applying to the acute care program. I've heard mixed things from those who are in the program or graduated from the program. One person who graduated 5 years ago said that they let you know earlier if you get your application in earlier. I'm not sure what their acceptance rate is but I want to say its 50%. Hopefully they let us know soon!
  12. by   RVLy
    FYI - i emailed admissions and asked them when we would hear back last week and they said they're aiming for mid-January!
  13. by   meep05
    I applied to MGH too.. Do you know whether we will find out snail mail or e-mail. Also, what have you heard from previous graduates about the program? There isn't as much buss as the other schools so I would love someone from the program or knows someone in it for their input!
  14. by   steve21021
    per the email that I received "Review of all applications will begin after the published deadline for application and you will be notified via regular mail of your status".

    I hope I get in.