MCPHS ABSN Spring 2016

  1. Hey all! Just wondering if anyone else has gotten into the January 2016 ABSN program at MCPHS? 😊😊
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  3. by   CiaMia
    Finishing it up this semester; feel free to PM me with questions! :-)
  4. by   s_pea
    I just sent in my app through NursingCAS! How long after MCPHS confirmed receipt of your application did it take to hear back?
  5. by   katguard
    Hey so can you please help me? I applied to their PA Program but didn't grab a seat. They actually offered me a position in their accelerated nursing program but I have read so many horrible reviews and I can't find anything recent. Can you please tell me what it's really like? What the professors are like, I totally get you have to do some self-teaching, but how large is the class size, how available are the professors, etc.???
  6. by   s_pea
    Hmmm I really don't know what to make of that, never heard of that happening before! It obviously comes down to your decision btw PA and nurse. I was deciding btw PA and nursing for a while and ultimately chose nursing bc there are soooooo many different opportunities. Also, NP and PA are very similar and you do have a bit more autonomy as an NP. I would call/ email them and ask why they offered you a spot in the absn program and see what they say! I think ultimately you'll be happy either way, they are both great professions!
  7. by   Lopesjus
    Hey! I will be attending mcphs Worcester in January 2016 for the bsn program too.
  8. by   preetikpatel1

    I just received my acceptance packet from MCPHS on Sep 18, 2015 for the spring 2016 start ABSN program!!
  9. by   tinab9187
    awesome! I haven't heard anything from them recently, I got my acceptance back in July and sent in my deposit. Other than that, nothing. Does anyone have any idea what to do about financial aid? I submitted my FAFSA and it says that it was processed, but again I haven't heard anything on that yet either. Getting nervous about how much will be covered and how to go about getting loans for the rest!
  10. by   tinab9187
    Sorry I'm getting to this late. Did you hear back yet? I submitted my application regularly, not through NursingCAS but I do know that the school is very quick on getting back to you once they have it.
  11. by   tinab9187
    Sorry, I'm just seeing this! I'm pretty new to this community so I don't have the ability to PM yet. I'm really looking for a full overview of the program, study tips, and what the schedule looks like. I'm resigning from my job at the end of the year to attend this program and I have two small children at home, so I'm a little nervous about juggling it all. I work well under pressure and have always liked a full plate, but I've been warned that this program is extremely rigorous and even those who are living at their parents with NO children have struggled. Talk about scared to death
  12. by   preetikpatel1
    Hi, I just paid my deposit this morning and I haven't heard anything either after the acceptance letter. But I am sure they will let us know about more things in the coming months. They have classes monday to friday with lectures from around 8:30am to 12pm and then they have 2 sessions of lab from 1pm to 3 and 3pm to 5, for which the class is divided. All I know is that we really will have to study hard throughtout the whole program, but at the end it will be all worth it.
  13. by   talkevorkian
    Hey guys! I had my interview last Friday 9/18! I was wondering how long it took for you to receive your acceptance letters?
  14. by   Lopesjus
    Anyone know if there's a fb page for our class? And where we might be able to find a schedule?