Is 8 months worthless?

  1. [font="georgia"]i'm moving back to my home in mass (crazy, i know) with 8 months of tele med/surg under my belt. i know that 1 yr is the magic number, but will 8 months give me any advantage? i've heard the hiring climate is horrendous in ma right now. i have secured a job for the summer as a camp nurse, but i will be applying soon for a job after that is through. i am hoping to go to an outpt setting...but have a feeling i'll just have to take what i can get!
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    In Boston, most are union and you will get new grad pay, stay one year it will look better on your resume.
  4. by   cherick22
    Hi I think we went to school together at 4C's. I have been working med-surg for 8 months at St. Lukes hospital in NB Mass. I was just offered a job at Cape Cod Hospital med-surg on Mugar 3. There are several openings there. I will be turning down the job offer because it would be a significant pay cut for me. Try calling human resources ask for Sarah....if you want med-surg....
    I'm not exactly loving it myself and plan on getting out in 4 months after that golden year is over!
    Good luck
    Cheryl....back row next to Yancey...LPN transition student.
  5. by   gerry79
    The job market is pretty crappy right now. Its tough for everyone. Good luck!!!