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  1. Hi all

    I am currently a 2ndyr Student Nurse studying Adult Nursing and I currently reside in the UK. When I graduate I hope to move to the US, I am particularly interested in Massachusetts, Boston in particular.

    I know when I graduate I will be short on the req hours in Paeds, Mental Health and Obstetrics but I hope to attend a college over there to gain the req hours. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows of any hospitals I could directly apply to that may sponser foreign grads also what exams other than the NCLEX will I need? I hear that the requirements are different for each state. Would I be best to go through an agency? I know I still have 18 months to go, but time does fly and I would like to have a clear goal in mind

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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Welcome to the world of nursing. New Grads have difficulty finding positions therefore the chances of finding a job that would sponsor you are small.

    Perhaps after you graduate and have experience in an area where a shortage you changes of finding a hospital to sponsor you will be better, or try another area of the country.
  4. by   gerry79
    I agree with Alex49 finding a nursing position as a new grad in the Boston area is not easy. it seems that hospitals only want experienced nurses so finding a sponsor may be difficult. I know of two immigrant nurses (India and Japan) who were sponsored by their hospitals but they had experience as a nurse already. Good luck in your quest for a nursing job when the time comes!