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  1. I got accepted to the LPN Program for...2009. I am close to having the Prereqs for ADN done, however the wait list on that is unreal.

    If the DD plan fails, then I will shell out the $800 to take a CNA class. No more retail for me, I am through, I should have left this job 3 years ago. Its sad when your boss is younger then you and your 23!

    Then after LPN, RN, then BSN. I have an interest right now in Long-Term Care nursing.

    I plan on becoming a frequent poster to this board. I utilize boards alot, especially for my hobby (amateur radio and police scanners).
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    I just wanted to say good luck and all the best to you!
  4. by   Ginger's Mom
    I would advise you check what a LPN can do and where employment opportunites are in your area. It is hard to find a LPN position in an acute care hospital, also the LPN Program is very intense.
  5. by   muffie
    good luck to you
  6. by   AuntieRN
    I agree. Check out what LPNs can do. I know about 7-8 yrs ago they were not using LPNs in very many places. Just a few LTC would hire them. Good luck to you in whatever your future ventures.
  7. by   drmorton2b
    LPNs are in almost every LTC out here, even more in CT. I primarily plan on going the LTC route, to avoid the current situation with the Hospital Pharm Tech situation. I was able to find the Syllabus for the 2 of the LPN courses online (current) and was able to get some text books (slightly older) for these courses. I know I won't learn jack because A: I'm not in Class and B: I can't practice at home. Atleast I will be able to have a general idea what some of this stuff is. Allthough as you all know, I won't learn much of anything until I go to clinicals and or see other nurses do them. I know a job won't be instant with LPN, however having almost 40 LTCs within driving range vs. about 8 Hospitals, my chances are slightly better I would think.
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  8. by   Ginger's Mom
    To use an old textbook is suicide, the text is ever changing. I think LPN school is tougher than RN school. Why do volunteer at LTC to see if it something your interested.

    PS what is so wrong working at CVS?
  9. by   Chaoticdreams33
    I got accepted to the LPN Program for...2009. I am close to having the Prereqs for ADN done, however the wait list on that is unreal.QUOTE]

    Where are you located? I got into STCC, GCC, and HCC right off the bat last year. where is there a waiting list?
  10. by   drmorton2b
    HCC I am looking into, however with the current job situation unknown and me moving from that area to Central MA with in the past year. It all depends on where I can get a job. Example if I get a job in Southbridge area, I would consider commuting to HCC. If I get a job in Worc. then just forget it.

    The Developmental Disability Job Plan did not work. One place seemed kind of shady. The other place was very nice and I would considered working there. FYI: Most of these DD Places, tend to only hire (in non nursing positions, which I went for) people going to school for social work or have an interest.

    A lot of my nursing friends and or inactive nurses (LPNs, etc.) that I know who work with me at the Food Store are suggesting I go the CNA Route.

    I think this is a good idea. The Red Cross course in Worc. could work if I use my charge card, to offset the expense until I get some cash from other sources. Plus I don't feel like in a job interview dealing with "Well I never heard of this place, vs., oh you were trained at the Red Cross".

    Free CNA Training you ask? well in RI these places are all over the place, problem is there home health agencies which want a 6 month. min. commitment.

    Free CNA Training in Central MA, I have not found any place (worth going too that isn't a dump of a nursing home) that offers this.

    I am well aware that I will not get into a Hospital Environment as a CNA without acute care skills and or acute care experience, thus I am going the LTC Route.
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