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Hi...I will be graduating with my BSN in May..our professors have said to start sending resumes. Unfortunately I see NO jobs for new grads at the hospitals. Any idea when they hire? Or if they hire?... Read More

  1. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I am in NH and also about to graduate. I have applied to a few MA hospitals and have been told to just pick an RN job that interests you and just state in you cover letter and on your resume that you will be graduating on whatever date.

  2. by   janine66
    Thanks Kanzi monkey for those specifics, that's helpful!:spin:
  3. by   cusegirl10
    I have to say start early. I started to send out my resume the begining of march and have a interview next week. Ive also heard back from two hospitals in NYC. You definetly have to be persistent for some hospitals, keep calling and If you really want to work there...dont give up...